Executive survey engineering networkse

Executive survey engineering networks need to:

  • the Application of engineering communications on the map, to be able to determine their position on earth's area.
  • matching Capabilities and compliance of design solutions on construction at a specific site location.

Executive survey engineering networks

A report carried out the scheme includes the following materials:

  • explanatory note
  • situational plan. It needs to be performed at different scales;
  • schema showing the location of utilities;
  • longitudinal profile is built on the axis network engineering;
  • topographic map with georeferenced points built along the road. The scale may be different. It all depends on the purpose for which it is needed;
  • nodes, as well as plans, which reflects the connected nodes, wells, characteristic nodes of the camera.

These plans are also legal materials that confirm the accuracy of the transfer on the terrestrial portion of the project roads, real property, underground utilities, landscaping, vertical planning, and actually confirms the executed volume of construction that demonstrates the as-built survey of the pipeline - catalog of the coordinate points of the underground network engineering.

Executive survey of utilities

the Areas of implementation, volumes, materials and their characteristics is very wide in its rosmanol, have different properties and have different kind of purpose. Therefore, to confirm the exact turnaround time and its price is simply unrealistic. To determine the cost and volumes, requires coordination with the contractor. in Executive survey of engineering networks and communications that are under the real property, also subject to the works after the completion of the construction process. Measurements are then performed using specialized digital equipment. in Executive survey engineering communications specifies the scheduled location of the route and its isometric model. When this work is completed the customer is provided with sets of drawings, which inform about the compliance of the project documentation of all the works carried out, actually carried out and executed volume. Documents are provided in the form of an analytical explanation to the obtained diagrams and drawings.

Customer value

Executive survey of utility

In the end, the customer is provided with all necessary materials for carrying out of coordination with entities carrying out their operation. For building regulations, Executive survey is to control the accuracy of laying of engineering communications and networks. This survey is mandatory for monitoring the quality of work. Performing the Executive survey, you should pay special attention to the elements of real estate under ground: pits, network engineering, foundations of buildings, lines, cables, pipelines and more. The survey is carried out before filling the earth. Concurrently with the data operations issued a record of forced deviations from design decisions. In this document, you must specify the size of each detected changes from the values in the height and according to plan with precision to the millimeter. As-built drawings are received in the Department of underground structures, sometimes made with changes from project documentation. In practice with them often difficulties arise. The reason for this is that execution of the binning was done, but with some errors or "by eye". These errors are identified during the preparatory stage, which is the collection and analysis of necessary documentation and behind them is the need for additional coordination, which require additional costs and time.

Conclusion. to prevent such problems, you need to entrust these works reliable and zarekomendovali surveying firm, then you will have confidence in the quality performance of all necessary as-built documents and schemas.

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