Executive survey of crane trackse

Cranes come in various types, but they all share high requirements to the dimensions specified in the design documentation and the accurate position to the height of the crane track rails and plan. These works may be done only by specialists as poor quality of work, failure to comply with regulations may result in emergency situations in some cases, with human victims. It is therefore necessary to regularly check the status of the track for the entire period of operation of the crane.

Executive survey of crane tracks

the Company Guild Engineering offers service Executive survey runways for any type of cranes, checks the track width and slope of the longitudinal profile. Control-built survey this is a very important part of the test works. Different processes of production, use and different types of cranes, depending on their needs. This and bridge cranes-cranes, tower, gantry, and many others. Travel passport tells us the condition of crane rails, which ensured its normal operation. To determine issues and documented deviations from established requirements and standards, as well as for their timely elimination of the company Guild Engineering provides as-built survey of such paths.

survey of crane tracks

Crane path this rail construction, they are laid on the upper zone of the beams. The bottom chord of the beam rests on the console columns. The installation of elements of runways, the high demands. To maintain the levelness of the most difficult because they are at high altitudes. In addition, in the process of leveling the inevitable measurement error. The construction of runways, requires a breakdown of axes, making marks ways from the base, which is created by the customer of these works.

This special geodetic surveying and documentation to allow it to define all of the data necessary to identify the critical parameters that are set for the investigated crane way. Namely, the distance is checked between the rail heads, the size enlarging or narrowing the path and a number of other indicators, which are defined as control by passport way. During the Executive surveying is sometimes checked altitude end offset rails for docking.

Executive survey of crane

test shooting runways is similar to Executive shooting Railways, within 20 working shifts, sometimes allowable frequency on every 24 shift. By its conduct in the plugin log crane displays all the results that were obtained during the shooting. Checked the gauge, measured its dimensions, the magnitude of elastic subsidence, parallel rails, and a horizontal plane. Gauge is measured in a fixed position, with a crane that lifts a very heavy load and when you turn arrows at 45°. It should not exceed 5mm. Checking the horizontal plane is carried out once a month.

Upon completion, as-built survey comes cameral stage, during which we prepare a technical report, which contains all the necessary information about the studied object. Materials can be created in electronic or graphic form. It depends on what format they are required by the customer.


the Cost for the services offered depends on parameters such as type of crane, the length of the path and its availability for shooting and take measurements and start from 1000 UAH.

All surveying work of this type should be performed only by qualified specialists such as the professionals of the company " Guild Engineering". We use advanced technological equipment, which helps to get the most accurate data during the shooting, and also much faster to implement, so that all services are available much faster. We offer high quality at an affordable price. To contact our specialist you can call the telephone number listed on the website or by writing a message in the online chat.

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