Executive survey of the road

One of the main quality parameters of the new road - it is properly designed and correctly implemented geometry, for this is Executive survey line features. Main parameters of the roadsubject to the control of geodetic measurements:

  • dimensions roadway;
  • slope, with the capacity to divert rainwater;
  • mark lepneva (should be with the lowest height for the fence rainwater);
  • the thickness of the asphalt pavement (determined from the difference of marks phased Executive surveys of the road, Executive survey soil Foundation, Executive survey slag training, Executive survey of the lower layer of asphalt, Executive geodetic survey top finishing asphalt layer);
  • top-bottom border (usually 150 mm);
  • underground utilities, laid under the road (they are defined complement measures to strengthen the concrete trays, frames, increasing the depth, bookmark sleeves);
  • ground engineering network (bridges, overpasses, pipelines, viaducts, aqueduc etc).
  • elevation of the manhole cover in the Baltic system of heights road (at the further reconstruction metal manhole covers are network benchmarks, since the dismantling of the road remain as hard real contours);
  • radii of curvature with the size of the broadening in places turning to long-tail traffic.
  • network gullies will be fully geodetic survey on the subject of correct pitches (measured elevation of the top of the tray, the depth to the bottom of the pipe. Just checked and leveled the entire tube for straightness, rovnocennosti);
  • types of razuklonki and breaks (to understand the principle of abstraction. Water is diverted to one side or the elevation of the center for water drainage in different directions.  the catchment Area on each drain box);
  • special attention shall be designated junction by heating in an underground state (they are dangerous in the winter time when the overall ice or simply frozen road above the heating pipes are formed over slippery dangerous areas);

Executive survey of the road

builders the maximum useful information that gives Executive survey of the road, is the exact area of the asphalt, running away from the curb and the curb.

For customers and designers Executive survey road provides important deviations from the project in certain important points.

security services Executive survey route documented the presence of roads in principle and is one of the main components of the package of documents for entry into operation of the object.

Methods of conducting as-built survey for the construction of highways shall be determined on the basis of technical specifications and and from from such factors: the implementation of this survey is a separate operation or as part of engineering-geodetic surveys of the territory.

Executive survey for roads occurs in several stages. First, going to the documents for analysis. It consists of materials design and operational on the roads, compiled on the basis of earlier conducted survey. The information obtained in the course of the study documentation will help to make the layout of roads, which contains the numbers and names of roads, type of road surface, structures on roads (for example, a bridge), the road signs signaling. This scheme is further refined and complemented, and then approved by the transport service of the organization.

Executive survey of roads in the complex with specialized measurement gives the customer of the service the most accurate information about the structure of the roadway, and also shows all the profiles and plans of the highway. Special shooting allows you to define the axis of the carriageway, the width of the road surface and so on. Executive survey of roads and railroad tracks are performed similarly. The company "Guild Engineering" carries out the work efficiently and quickly. Our surveyors use specialized equipment that allows you to obtain the most accurate data.

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