Executive survey of foundations

Control of the construction works - this is a very serious and responsible task that should be entrusted to specialists with modern techniques, equipment and technology manufacturing operations.

Executive survey of foundations

At this present time, with the use of new materials, techniques and method of construction of buildings and structures, speed of construction has increased significantly. In this regard, tightened requirements relating to control over the performance of work. Accordingly decreased the time and opportunity to fix and correct deviations that occur during construction. To cope with this task is possible only with the use of modern technologies, equipment and vast experience in the production of these works.

Example Executive shooting foundations

Geodetic control is an integral part of author's supervision over construction. With the use of modern high-precision equipment, our organization is able to cope with any assigned task in the shortest possible time, to find all kinds of deviations, to make way for their elimination, as well as to undertake activities aimed at the prevention of such negative situations.

One of the most important tasks of the project is to test the correctness of laying Foundation, after all, often immediately after its construction is backfilling and control of quality, location and geometry becomes almost impossible. At this stage it is very important and in the shortest possible time to conduct such a service as Executive survey of foundations, to identify anomalies and to take the necessary decisions to resolve them.

Executive scheme foundations are: elevation of the actual depth of the Foundation, dimensions and other necessary information are also defined on deviations from the project, their causes and solutions to this problem. Executive survey of foundations is a required part of the documentation for further construction, as well as putting into operation and its further operation.

Executive survey anchor bolts

Executive survey of anchor bolts: the appearance of the object

Special attention shall be foundations, containing the anchor bolts. Service Executive survey anchors is the precise determination of the coordinates of each bolt. Having a project on the drawing coordinates of all geodesic principal axes, Executive survey anchor bolts makes it possible to identify both linear and high binding anchors to the axes and high-rise frames. These coordinates can at the right time to determine now whether the mortgage details on the project and whether the metal structure, which is made, as a rule, prior to the pouring of the Foundation. Executive surveys of anchor foundations are used to control construction companies, as of itself, and when changing contractors. When the company Becherovka pad, gives it to the installers of metal structures or equipment. And installers before starting work should examine drawings for conformity, as the projects themselves, and the actual position of the bolts.

it Often happens that the anchor projects of foundations and structures are not only designers, but also the various design departments. It may lead to inconsistencies that it is desirable to identify the stage of acceptance-transmission construction works. We will be happy and will help you.

Executive survey of anchor bolts: ready documentation

To get started we need a project in program for sketching, access to the site and direct visibility on all outstanding shooting elements: the corners of the Foundation, anchor bolts, embedded plates, recesses in the ceiling. It is very important to Executive survey of inserts turned out to be as accurate as possible.

Before the work we provide our clients with a complete package of permits, schedule, final value.

the Result of the work you can with full confidence to continue building your project with a complete package of Executive geodetic documentation.

Our company has extensive experience in the solution of various surveying tasks, highly qualified specialists and modern high-precision equipment. We work accurately, quickly, in any condition, at any time convenient for You.

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