Executive survey of the pit

Earth works occupy an important part of the construction process, when they might occur, and occurs a number of difficulties associated with counting the volume of movement of earth mass, the correctness of the location and geometry of the front earthworks. To avoid such troubles, the control over the execution of works shall be vested in the geodetic service. Only the surveyor should be able to observe the geometry of the pit of any complexity, in terms of and marks, calculate the amount of excavation work and produce relevant documents - most of it Executive survey of the pit, which allows you to solve a number of conflict issues, especially with the signing of the "acts of the executed works".

Executive survey of the pit

Executive survey of the pit is a kind of surveying services, which is essential in the construction of any building or structure. This survey allows you to obtain the necessary information about the real position of the bottom of the pit. This will be determined and indicated all altitude deviations from the marks in the project documentation. Permitted deviation of + / - 5 cm According to the data compiled relevant documentation, which is sewn to the Act of the Executive. Executive documentation consists of different materials, which play a very important role when you enter the property into operation.

Executive survey allows you to verify the correct location of the pit, and therefore the future of a building or structure. Work associated with the movement of the earth, takes not the last place in the total cost of the construction, therefore, compliance with the project size is very important and responsible task, as Executive survey vertical layout.

survey of the pit great role playing experience as the surveyor and his assistant, running with a pushpin. It is important that they measure the desired characteristic point of the pit, which dramatically influences the calculation, and the scheme of slopes. Yet it is important to connect the dots of the upper and lower edges for panimalay images.

survey of the pit

Geodetic control construction of the pit and Executive survey site, at each stage, you can do the job with the least effort and minimum variance that will reduce labor costs, to accelerate the construction of the pit, and hence to reduce the material of the consumable part.

Upon completion of earthwork surveying service is count, which includes Executive survey of the pit, which shall contain: the actual elevations of the bottom and top edge of the pit, the angle of the existing slope, the main dimensions of the pit, compared with the main characteristics of the project of the pit, and analyzed variances, if any, required additional information at the request of the customer. Also in the report is embedded cartogram calculation of earthworks, which detail the amounts of displacement of the soil mass, generalized table with the final "number" embankment or excavation and additional information, for example, Executive survey improvement.

Summing up, we can say that geodetic support of construction at all stages, from the zero cycle before commissioning, is a very important and integral part of the production process, allows us to bring the project to reality with the smallest deviations in a timely manner to identify violations and with minimal loss of time and money to fix them.

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