Executive drawings

None of the construction is not complete without the preparation of Executive documentation. It includes the construction works and describes the technical position of the object. Executive documentation consists of text and graphic materials. Such materials have a high value? as they reflect the performance of design solutions and real estate construction projects. Correct and well-designed as-built documentation is a document erected buildings or structures, which reflects its technical condition, which facilitate operation. This documentation gives an opportunity to have a real understanding of each stage of the work performed.

Executive drawings

Executive documentation includes acts, journals, registers and Executive drawings. Let us consider in more detail the Executive documentation in the form of drawings. Executive drawings represent a set of drawings, they carry very important information in the form of inscriptions, or in accordance with these drawings of the completed work. It also provides information about the changes performed by the persons who are responsible for the execution of construction works agreed with the designer. Often these drawings do in a few instances, more often three or four, but there are also cases in consultation with the client is made more copies.

the Aim drawings quite clear. Upon completion, the life only begins. Starts its operation, is carried out major repairs, as-built documentation has all the information required for this purpose. The easier it will be to carry out construction and repair work, the less will be the cost and operation of the building or structure will be much easier. Therefore, not only the construction process should be of high quality, but also respectively composed of the Executive documentation. Also correctly, and to make Executive drawings is in the future avoids unnecessary costs when carrying out works aimed at the renovation or the construction of engineering networks. Therefore, the higher quality prepared as-built drawings, the better will be carried out on the construction and the operation of the facilities.

Executive documentation reflects the technical condition of a building or structure so that its compilation and maintenance should be trusted only to professionals. Our company Guild Engineering has significant experience in the management of this documentation, and works on the basis of which it is composed. This has allowed us to assemble a staff of only qualified professionals with special skills and abilities that are appropriate to the tasks competently and responsibly. Our company guarantees the quality and efficiency of the Executive works on objects of any complexity and in any corner of the country. Our Europe car rental service you will be satisfied.

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