Soil testing

Good soil is the key to strong structure. With earth contact the Foundation, which is the basis of any design. And depending on what the plot of land, depends on what type of Foundation to choose, that building turned out to be strong. The more that earthworks associated with the Foundation about a fourth of the total construction budget. But the good soil is not available in all territories. How to understand exactly where suitable land for construction? You need to spend soil testing by engineering Geology.

Soil testing

in Order to answer the question, - what is to lay the Foundation, you should check such factors as the hardness of the soil type and composition, groundwater level, the extent of soil freezing, the ability to withstand certain loads and other. And to correctly identify all these characteristics, and the necessary geological analysis. Without it, you can just spend a lot of money and time on the wrong work, which will not lead to a positive result. For a favorable outcome, you need to match several factors - the location of the Foundation required depth, substrate type and the right building materials for him. Information obtained in the course of geological studies of the soil will help to accurately map these factors, so they combined to produce high quality results.  

on the Internet you can find craftsmen who offer ways to explore the soil manually. They give examples of how you can drill and describe how to the touch and appearance are key characteristics of the soil. However, such home and at first glance economical method for geological study will not lead to good consequences. If you take the drilling of wells, the manual way, without special equipment, it is difficult to drill a hole of required diameter and depth. What is more, to remove the soil from the hole very carefully, so that its layers are not mixed together and did not spoil the whole picture.

But even if this stage you have succeeded, without laboratory tests special equipment "by eye" you will be hard to install all the reliable features. Let this question, what type of soil is prevalent on the site, you will understand -  will be able to distinguish, for example, sand and clay. However, other characteristics, which are not less important, you identify correctly will not be able. In order to install the bearing capacity of the soil or the degree of freezing, the desired data set and algorithm calculations.

So in such an important case as geological survey of soils you should rely only on a qualified experienced professionals. Our company is very strong geological Department, which conducts comprehensive research on all areas and for the construction of a small partial cottages, and for the construction of industrial structures. When we see the need or wants of the customer, we can carry out some procedures on the spot, without sampling in the laboratory. Similar to the  field method allows more objectively review the indicators dealing with material that is in its natural environment and in large quantities. Such a multilateral approach gives us the possibility to explore the area and to make a comprehensive report with analytical component, which provides expert advice to the Foundation and construction process in General, specifically at your site.

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