Remote measurement of volumes, areas, lengths using drones and UAVs is a promising method for surveying

Surveying work, using measurement of volumes, areas, lengths using drones and drones

the Use of aircraft for topographic and geodetic surveys started long ago. The unification capabilities of the aircraft (and later space satellites) and the automated photographic equipment will significantly increase the speed and improve the performance of the work on mapping and location plans, especially on large areas and in remote Hiking topographic units areas. The use of materials and methods for aerospace survey was considered inappropriate only to compile the most accurate, large-scale plans small land. In recent years, thanks to the emergence of small aircraft and increasing their availability for use in various sectors of economic activity, measurement of volumes, areas, lengths using drones and UAVs has become much more common organizations that provide a variety of surveying services:

  1. Topographic survey of different scales for the needs of the design.
  2. Measurements for regular updates of the previously issued topographic materials.
  3. Land activities and land areas.
  4. Geodetic monitoring of various objects (volumes of mineral mining areas of snow and ice sheets, streams).
  5. Carrying out cadastral registration, control and maintenance of urban activities.
  6. Creation of digital models of geographic areas.

the Measurement of areas and lengths using drones and drones

Organization measuring volumes, areas, lengths using drones and UAVs in topographic and geodetic works

Aeroville drones is a sequence of complex work. They include:

  1. Training, which is a preliminary study of the territory to be photographing and measuring, route planning, drone flight, settlements shooting elements.
  2. Actually flight-shooting of measurement (photographing the surface of the land automatic cameras).
  3. Processing of photographs (attaching them to a geodetic framework, the elimination of existing distortions of the images, drafting of fotoplan).

a Very important point is the need to perform the entire cycle of shooting by the same company from beginning to end, as the measurement of volumes, areas, lengths, performed on the basis of data obtained by different technical devices can result in insufficient reliable topographic information.

varieties of geodetic measurements using drones and drones

Photography from drones and drones performed at different positions of the optical axis aerophotocamera. Given its spatial location, there are such types of aerial photography:

  1. Horizontal. It involves shooting, when the optical axis is in a vertical position (deviation from the vertical of not more than one degree).
  2. Planned. When carrying out photography with drones with a larger deviation from the vertical position (up to five degrees).
  3. Perspective (oblique). Is carried out at a more gentle inclination to the optical axis of the instrument. If the angle of inclination allows to capture images of the skyline, the aerial perspective with the horizon.
  4. Planning and promising. Its essence lies in getting from one position both planned and oblique images.

the company "Guild Engineering" successfully uses in his practice, measurement of volumes, areas, lengths using drones and drones that allows it to conduct topachevskii high speed even when large areas of research.

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