Measuring the area of fields

Where can I order a service for measuring areas of fields and why it is better to turn to a specialized company?

LLC “Guild Engineering” is a company specializing in providing various surveying services to individuals, businesses and organizations. Other features include a service - measuring the area of fields with the help of GPS field measurements. Recently specialists have begun to provide a new service - dimension of the square fields with drones.

Measuring the area of fields

the company has drones (including quadcopters), intended for professionals. They include removing high-precision equipment that provides the accuracy of determining sizes of the specified territories. And software to quickly process the information.

Customers can contact the firm for signing contracts for permanent maintenance and for the execution of single works.

of Course, a rich landowner can afford to buy a quality drone. But one drone is not enough. Require more costly professional computer software. If the collected data will not be correctly processed, the maps will be of little use.

That means the UAV and the advantages of their use in agriculture?

UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle. He flies without a pilot. He piloted from the ground by remote control or can be programmed.

the Benefits of using UAVs are:

  • high precision measure of the field;
  • possibility of saving cash;
  • quick result;
  • increasing the attractiveness of agriculture for young people.

Experience shows that almost all service users receiving the results of data processing, offset the costs of the first crop. Sometimes they have additional income.

What information does a customer ordering the service measuring the area of fields with a drone?

According to photographs made by the method of differential artifactrepository creates an orthophoto. On planning and cartographic basis allocated field, which area is measured. If the fields are few, they are also shown on the plan. The red highlighted area on the cadastral documents. Indicates the measured area.

Increasing the reality of business plans

Experience the world of companies, providing services on the use of drones in agriculture shows that such services are used exclusively successful farms wishing to obtain additional income. The use of drones promises to farmers and anyone who handles the fields, the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the industry of agricultural production. Any business plan will be more realistic if it is based on correct calculations. The world of precision farming - a world of precise calculations.

GPS field area measure

the Value field can be measured using GPS equipment installed on the vehicle. It is sufficient to drive around the area that is measured along the contour. Electronic card constructed according to certain coordinates of the boundaries. All measured fields are assigned a number and the computer can view the calculated area.

Customer, issuing service measuring the area of fields, in addition to the electronic card receives the households from the satellite. The electronic map used for the application of the sampling locations from the fertile layer.

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