Measuring the area of the field drone

Unmanned vehicles are widely in demand in almost all fields of human activity − building, photo - and videography, ecology, military industry and agriculture. The scope of their use is constantly expanding: the reasons are efficiency, accuracy and the ability to work in tight spaces. Such equipment has the most modern standard, so it is suitable for monitoring the condition of fields and crops. So, by ordering this service, as measuring the area of the field drone agronomist will quickly get complete and accurate information about their land: the condition of crops, the degree of contamination, problem areas where you need additional introduction of micro - and macroelements. It is important that the use of drones will make a correct estimate of future yield.

Measuring the area of the field drone

why the need For measurement of actual area cultivated land?

agriculture was efficient and profitable, it is important to know the contours of the fields and their area. No less important to have information on the state of soil and plants. Only the most modern measuring the area of the field the drone will be really effective method to get the real information displayed in the detailed orthophotos-centimeter and three-dimensional landscape model. The use of drones will allow for inventory and control of exploitation of fields to produce high-precision agrochemical analysis and perform monitoring of the cultures. Timely monitoring will enable us to make informed decisions, quickly solve problems, and result in a good harvest.

Obtained through the use of UAV information would allow:

  • create electronic maps of fields;
  • to conduct an inventory of land;
  • to assess the volume of activities and the monitoring of their implementation;
  • to carry out accurate monitoring of the germination of crops;
  • to assess the condition of crops;
  • to determine the expected yield;
  • to control the quality of plowing;
  • to carry out environmental monitoring of agricultural land.

Thus, the use of innovative technologies to solve the problems of control fields, allows to identify bald spots, uneven germination or partial loss of harvest in certain areas.

measurements of the dimensions of the field drone

measuring the area of the field drone is performed according to a standard format. Traditionally drones are launched by hand, and takeoff and landing are performed in automatic pre-defined route. Flying over the field, unmanned aircraft conducts a survey of the site, resulting in a high resolution photo. Each photograph carries information in digital format:

  • the angle of exposure;
  • telemetry information;
  • geographical coordinates of the Central point of the photo;
  • the altitude at which aerial photography was conducted.

In the case of competent performance of services, all the pictures geoprivacy, and shall be placed in a large graphic file, called the orthophoto of the field. The flight of the drone is virtually silent and does not harm the environment. Such technologies have a clear focus on effectively increasing the productivity and reducing the cost of production.

Thanks to the large experience of specialists from the company "Guild Engineering", the presence of expensive unmanned equipment and innovative computer software, measuring the acreage is executed in the shortest possible time. The price depends on the amount of work. To order service, you may call us at telephone numbers provided on the official website of the company.

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