Measuring the area of the field drone

what you need to know the size of farmland?

Farmland at times occupy a considerable space. On these acres carried out a variety of work, ranging from spring plowing and sowing of different cultures, making the dressing, and ending with plowing in the winter and fertilizer that should be on plots in early spring. To the Brigadier, agronomist, owner or lessee could focus on the following issues:

  • the amount required for the plowing technology and, accordingly, the number of required spare parts for it and fuel;
  • the amount of fertilizer or seed required to introduce a specific field;
  • location of certain crops - you should know the location of farmland and the size of each specific area.

Measuring the area of the field drone

All calculations regarding the number of seeds and fertilizers for a certain area, a preliminary estimate of harvest and, respectively, the calculation of the estimated profits are based on a knowledge of space stations.

UAV, aerial surveying and measuring the area of the field drone

UAV - unmanned aerial vehicles - were invented in 1993. Britain - the country that rightfully belongs to the superiority in extracting value from the use of UAVs (sometimes just BLAH).

Domestic drones are called drones. They can be controlled from the ground by remote control. Drones, unlike the UAVs used for military purposes, have small size. The drone is an Autonomous vehicle. It may take a while to work in standalone mode, charging the battery from the sun. Drones are both land and air. Opportunities latest drones perfectly demonstrated in the film "Oblivion."

In the Ukraine by drones is the calculation of the size of agricultural land. If you use a flying model of a drone is the aerial footage. Drone installed equipment required for aerial photography.

How is measuring the area according to the aerial photography?

Setting the aircraft on a photographing device, run it on over the area. Performed aerial photography. Aerial photography provides data to build a map. Mapping and calculation of dimensions is performed automatically through the use of modern computer programs.

the company “the Guild of Engineering", available drones, the appropriate equipment and the necessary computer programs, performs measuring the area of the field by a drone. Can be defined by the area of the territories of arable lands, vacant plots, can monitor the condition of crops, monitoring of agricultural land. According to the aerial photography will be mapped the land that will make the work of all personnel working in these fields more profitable.

How is the measurement of the field according to ground measurements?

System "Agrometer 4", used for the measurement of farmland, mounted on a drone, moving over the surface of the earth. In this connection it is convenient to use the drone to avoid fields? Drone running without a driver, can work and at the time of spraying fertilizer on fields, and in other adverse conditions to find the person (for example, smoke).

the Above system, which used a unique design "3D Area", takes into account when calculating the area of all surface irregularities, such as the position of the field on the slope, ravines and hills within the measured space. the measuring the area of the field drone - great.

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