Measuring the area of the field quadrocopter

Quadcopter flying drone square shape. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, other UAVS), invented in the UK in 1993, today, are very diverse. This drones and quadcopters, and various drones. Quadcopters can have multiple propellers. Many models have a four-propeller (propeller on each of the four corners). These drones have the following characteristics:

  • flight range of the drone, on average, is from 2 to 7 km;
  • altitude from 20 to 500-600 meters; - the device has a built in camera;
  • controlled from the control panel or through the DGI Go.

Measuring the area of the field quadrocopter

There are models of quadcopters designed specifically for aerial photography. Smooth picture, as well as sustainable frame guaranteed three-axis stabilization system. The photo is taken with a 16 MP resolution. Model DGI Inspair 1 PRO, designed for professionals, for example, has an additional opportunity, namely, to separate the management of the quadcopter and the camera with different remotes. This leads to the fact that the operator is focused on the process of shooting, not distracted by the management of the aircraft.

How can you measure the size of a field with a quadcopter?

Fields represent geometrical figures. Their area is calculated by a mathematical formula. For example, the area of a square is the square of its sides, the area of a rectangle is the product of the lengths of the sides, the area of a right triangle is the product of the sides divided by two and so on. Calculations with modern technology, square fields are made automatically by computer programs should only make necessary data. Such data can include

the configuration fields. The program will decompose the complex shape into simple geometric figures and calculate its area. Depending on the complexity of the configuration fields of simple shapes can be a different number. The main thing that was done measuring the area of the field safely.

a Drone that has the photographing apparatus, performed the flyover. Shooting speed is quite high and is 30 square kilometers per hour. The resulting photographs are stapled together through the use of computer programs and obtained the orthophoto. On it are the actual field boundary. This is followed by calculation of the contoured area.

who to contact if you need to calculate the area of a field

the company “the Guild of Engineering" that provide services for surveying individuals and organizations, also provides a service for the calculation of areas of fields with the help of the drone. Expensive equipment is intended for use by professionals available to the employees of the company, allows you to work quickly and with great quality. If you want to conduct a planned agriculture and control the stages of production, can not do without exact numbers. Surveyors firms will conduct measuring the area of the field with a quadcopter will create maps of farmland, will calculate area of arable land and vacant lots. The orthophoto can be allocated to the areas clean vapor, various spring crops, meadows and hay fields, winter crops, perennial grasses and more. With our data you will be able to monitor the condition of crops and monitoring of agricultural land.

For areas of poor germination the calculation area for calculating the number of needed feeding.

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