area Measure of workings using drones and quadrocopters

What are drones and quadrocopter?

quadrocopter and Drones is unmanned aerial vehicles, weighing from 700 g. In countries such as Japan, China, USA, Brazil their has long been used for the needs of agriculture:

  • spraying with chemicals of small areas;
  • scaring of birds;
  • protect the fields from thieves;
  • watch for the shoots of plants.

Measurement of areas of workings using drones and quadrocopters

Also, this technique is used in large-scale construction, Geology and geodesy for the following purposes:

  • surveying;
  • aerial photography;
  • research environment
  • creating maps of the areas;
  • laser workings.

Modern research methods using drones do not overlook subtle details smaller than 1 m.

In Ukraine, the drones are still little used, but they are of great interest to farmers, collective farms and other private organizations. If you need to measure the area of a field or production in the short term, please contact our company "Guild Engineering", we will carry out this work for you for using a drone quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

How measurements are taken of the areas of excavations using drones and quadrocopters?

area Measure of workings using drones and quadrocopters is conducted from the air, the height 100 m and above, a session lasts about 45 minutes. During this time, the UAV is able to carry out aerial photography of the territory of 1.5-10 km2. Communication with the operator is supported at a distance of 3 km the Drone resists wind, moves at a speed of 12 m/sec.

All unmanned aerial vehicles by type of management are divided into:

  • automatic control;
  • management of the operator of the known point;
  • hybrid.

And how you can adapt the drone so he measured the size? This requires the drone to attach a camera, and on the ground to install the GPS device.

Every drone has an on-Board control complex, which includes:

  • receiver associated with the satellite, capable of receiving navigation information from the GPS system or the GLONASS;
  • the sensor system for providing motion and orientation;

  • the system for measuring altitude and speed;
  • of the receiving antenna;
  • on-Board communication system, it can help to transfer data from the satellite to the earth and Vice versa.

flight Speed and frame rate is performed automatically at pre-set readings. With the help of drone it is possible to measure one or more production area, and then to combine them. Radius of about 700 m. If the distance between the UAV and controlled from the ground by the device will increase, he will return on a former place.

Then he measured the area on the GPS device to be subdivided into parcels smaller, and to determine their area or the distance between certain points. To calculate the area of the work or the distance is convenient, because the device works with the applications Word and Excel. By measuring some output, and it can be found online on Google Maps and compare with the measured area.

the result of the measurement space workings with the help of drones – photos

the Result of area measurement of workings with the help of drones have pictures. The principle of work of aerial photography is such that all images overlap each other:

  • horizontal – 80%;
  • vertically – up to 60%.

This is done because some pictures can be distorted by instability of shooting conditions. Then pictures of the process, the matching characteristics impose one on another, cut the lead to a single scale, combine the angles. This group of pictures shown in one large picture, called orthophoto.

to obtain the orthophoto, you need to perform the following work:

  1. to Find information about the object and study it.
  2. to Make a route for the UAV.
  3. to Determine the coordinates of control points, and using surveying equipment to fix them on the ground.
  4. to Choose the optimal height and speed of the drone.
  5. to Perform air route and to take pictures.
  6. to Process images in a special program on the computer.

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