Executive cadastral surveying of buildings

Contour shooting

Cadastral survey is the accurate fixing of the boundaries of certain objects - land, structures and buildings. Another  the name of this type of shooting cadastral surveying  buildings or contour shooting. She needed to correctly and with sufficient accuracy to determine the boundaries of  the territory or to perform a check  the existing inter.

Cadastral survey is a kind of surveying and demand stands next to topographic. However, these two species have between them some differences. First of all the difference is the target destination. If topographic view is needed in the design of future buildings, communication lines or designs on the site, the cadastral survey is needed to determine the boundaries and dimensions of the site or object. In addition, contour shooting more thorough and detailed with fixing all surrounding objects up to trees and underground utilities, and Executive cadastral involves shooting only the boundaries of the site and buildings on it.

Usually, when it comes to cadastral surveying, it is supposed to capture the specific parcels, areas. However, cadastral surveying  buildings, immovable objects of different targeting is an integral part of this type of surveying. Engineers-surveyors company Guild Engineering will conduct a cadastral survey of any single structures, buildings, fences, as well as a group of real objects. After this shooting and processing information can be registered in the State cadastre.

When performing contour shooting we use only high-precision equipment, allowing to obtain reliable information. In addition, apply several advanced  methods that allow you to quickly and effectively conduct the survey. Leading among them is the satellite copies receiver. The use of advanced digital technology allows you to achieve maximum effect. In this way it is best to remove large areas and buildings. The scale of the cadastral plan in this case is quite small 1:2000, but has a high accuracy of 1-2 cm. Objects that have a large number of properties removed stereo-topographical method. You can combine this method with another - the orthophoto. In this case, high buildings removed stereo-topographical method, and the area without buildings - the orthophoto. If the survey area is small, then scale coarsens up to 1:500. In this case, it is advisable to use the total station. All of these methods and devices, as well as special GPS programs allow us to achieve maximum accuracy and reliability. This is the main factor in our work. It depends on the execution of all technical documents related to this area of interest. When properly conducted contour shooting, you can quickly execute all documents, to obtain a cadastral number and register the land in the registry.

Cadastral surveying is necessary in the following cases:

  • when the land first became cadastral registration;
  • when will the implementation of the survey wore;
  • when a dispute arose with the owners of adjacent parcels about the earliest recorded site boundary.

Data received by the TSB during the implementation of the cadastral survey are issued in accordance with all standards and requirements of the legal paperwork and be part of a surveying business to specific land plot.

In General, cadastral survey and buildings, and land and Executive cadastral survey is a fairly simple view geodetic survey. However, this does not mean that its implementation is not consumed maximum strength and knowledge. Our experts are equally skillfully and responsibly approach every order. For many years the activities of the Guild of Engineering established cooperation with many public land management agencies, which allows to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently.

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