Cadastral survey of the land and the land

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Due to changes in the land legislation of our country over the past few years, the demand for various geodetic services is growing every day, especially on surveying the land, as registration in the land cadastre is a necessary procedure, regardless of designation and the area of the site.

In geodesy distinguish several types of shooting, depending on the goals it has set the executors of the customer. This is a geodesic, performing, topographic, cadastral and other types of shooting, as well as cadastral surveying of land. Cadastral survey increasingly popular and demanded by the customers. Therefore, many companies and organizations specializing in providing surveying services and involved in land management issues, began to offer this type of shooting.

Cadastral surveying is a complex geodesic works on measurements, which are aimed at establishing and restoration of land boundaries. The definition of boundaries is relevant, when such boundaries did not exist, recovery in case of their loss. When boundary fixed boundary marks, during recovery - installed on new terrain.

To conduct this type of geodetic works shall only qualified surveyors as even any technical error could lead to land disputes between the owners of adjacent parcels. Therefore, surveyors must understand the importance of their work and perform the work with maximum care and responsibility. Such work in the company "Guild Engineering". We carry out all work efficiently and quickly.

Guild Engineering deals with spatial issues and topographical survey for a long time, the same applies cadastral issues. Therefore, the specialists of our company already has enough experience to run the cadastral land survey, and execution of all related documents at a decent level in the shortest possible time.

We are using surveying, geodesy, aim to get all possible information about the studied plot. And without this information, you simply will not be able to dispose of his land in full. If you only need to put the earth on account of, to perform alterations or construction work, and if you just want to make sure that the boundaries of your land are marked correctly - you have to cadastral surveying geodesy.

the Process surveying involves the recording of all coordinates and boundaries of the area, as well as all real estate objects located on it. Made us the exact fixing of boundaries and coordination with the owners of adjacent land plots will give you the opportunity to avoid any disputes regarding land.

If you need cadastral survey of the land, the Engineering Guild will help you in this matter and will be able to take care of the entire process, from preparing up until the execution of all necessary documents. Cadastral map, which consists of our staff meets all the requirements of Public authorities on land issues and, in particular, the State cadastre where and are logged areas.

If you compile all procedures included in the cadastral survey from our company, you get the following list:

  • Detailed definition of the location of the site;
  • Establish the size of the land plot, its square;
  • Restore information about this area that have been lost or, if they have never been determined, the initial establishment;
  • Commit professional equipment coordinates and boundaries of the site;
  • Negotiate borders with neighbors;
  • The definition of the objects located at the site;
  • based On the received information, the preparation of the cadastral plan in graphical form and in a digital

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