Cadastral survey

This surveying service cadastral surveying is a complex engineering surveys, which are aimed at making the technical report, which displays all necessary information about installed and restored the boundaries of a plot of land in the locality. Cadastral surveying is carried out using geodetic measurements with the use of innovative technological equipment of high accuracy.

Such work consists of several stages, one of which is a field. While you are carried out with measurements that are the basis for the preparation of the technical report that contains the following materials:

  • plan of the land plot. Required scale 1:1000 or 1:2000;
  • plan of landmarks (map plan);
  • magazine, which listed all GPS measurements;
  • The act of establishing (required in the case where privatization occurs the first time);
  • Recovery act (required if changed by the user or the Certificate of the old sample;
  • The act of moving boundaries in the nature of the terrain;
  • statement of computation of square footage that is to be challenged in the property;
  • the documents confirming the ownership of this land plot.

Explanatory note contains information about what application were processed satellite measurements, in which the system was formed statements, especially the performance of cadastral surveying on the basis of what the work was performed. In an explanatory note may also be included customer requirements, as well as consideration of his statement at the meeting of the rural or city Council.

According to the materials of surveying land works with cadastral surveying make a plan, scale 1:500 indicating the lengths of lines, the area of land and the boundaries of the perimeter. Field logs, measurements, sketches measurement plots, schemes survey ground and formulations of field materials are stored in our archives indefinitely.

Control of field work and acceptance of materials from stage to stage is carried out by different specialists, and passes from Department to Department, only in full and in sufficient quality that dramatically affect the result.

cadastral surveying must contain the numbers turning points, name paths, fencing materials, the total area of the plot, the coordinates of the turning points in the state system coordinate SK, representatives of neighbouring land land.

In the form of annexes to the act is a full topographic survey 1:500 with all underground and above ground utilities. Also miscalculate area of dwelling houses and ancillary structures, and the perimeter walls.

In the log field measurement program specifies the relative error of each point. Points with error more than 2 cm subject re observations.

In the case of imposition of the stakes, the act of acceptance-transmission of boundaries under the protection of the owner.

attached To the report list of security zones. Area parks, along roads, near geodetic points, utilities, water protection zones.

With Google maps enclosed scheme in small scale in order to measure the blocks.

All of these materials are consistent in organs inventory.

On a cadastral survey is assigned a parcel number!

Cadastral surveying should be performed using only innovative equipment that allows to obtain the most accurate data during the data survey. Also, in addition to applying specialized technological equipment, surveyors must have special skills and possess a certain knowledge that they will be guided in the process of providing services. All this contributes to high quality and prompt execution of these works.

The company "Guild Engineering" has gathered a staff of only the best surveyors from all over Ukraine who understand the responsibility that they bear in the course of provision of geodetic services, so all the work they perform at the highest level. We provide our services in every corner of our country!

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