Cadastral plan for setting and getting permissions on IAF

In every village there are many buildings that belong to the Mafs. This fixed hardscape that can be found in large numbers everywhere. This can be the household design, trade, decorative, and Mafs socio-cultural significance. This is any object whose size does not exceed 30 sq. m. Therefore, for small architectural forms include all the small shops and kiosks, stops and pavilions, playgrounds and fountains.

Cadastral plan for the installation and permit the LFA

hardscape can be the above-mentioned stationary and portable. Stationary  are buildings, whose height does not exceed 4 meters. Although these structures are called stationary, they can be mounted without Foundation. Mobile Mafs, in turn, is an object that can be transported from place to place without much difficulty. It's various vending machines, portable vending stalls and stalls, tents. That is, all objects are open.

the Most important question of  entrepreneurs how to get permission  IAF. Although small architectural form takes up little space for its installation is necessary to collect a large number of permits. In order to collect them, can not do without geodesy. In particular, you need a topographic survey for the LFA. And also need to know the exact size of the object being set. This can be achieved by the implementation of cadastral procedures.

In the initial list of documents you need to provide include the cadastral plan for the IAF. Overall, the majority of documents relate to entrepreneurship, namely topographic features. In addition to cadastral plan need to have information about the exact area of the Mafa,  topographical data about the area where you plan to install, as well as information about the purpose of the Mafa.

Even such a small structure as a small architectural form, require the cadastral registration. It is therefore necessary cadastral plan for the IAF, which needs to be surveyors at the initial stage. Cadastral plan for the IRF allows us to determine the precise location of the property.

Topographic survey for LFA is a standard scale of 1:500. The data of topographic survey to allow the paper to recreate a plan of the site on which you plan installation of small architectural forms. Topographic survey for the LFA involves two traditional stages. First we study the area and using the surveying equipment is done shooting. On the second data received during the field of fixation are processed. Treatment result supports the scheme or plan area. It is this document and provided to the relevant authorities along with the rest for decoration. Topographic scheme allows then to properly move the MAF to the site.

Geodesic assistance in obtaining permits for the installation of the MAF is required. Compliance with the installation rules, regulatory margins, and borders will allow to operate a small architectural structure correctly.

the Process of obtaining permits is very time consuming and long. Plus, they need to be harmonized in various government bodies. To do it the first time, all materials should be ordered and issued correctly. Therefore, when the geodesic, without which you cannot do, you need to look competent and official company. In the company "Guild Engineering" you will find the answer to how to obtain a permit to MAF and get expert help in this difficult case.  

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