Monitoring agricultural activities using drones and UAVs

a Large area of cultivated land, transportation, and a huge number of employees employed in the agricultural sector, necessitated the development of fundamentally new methods of management of land resources. One of the most popular technologies is precision agriculture, involving the active use of unmanned aerial vehicles. With modern cameras, the drones allow us to obtain high-precision information about the fields that are subsequently processed. Thus, it is possible to monitor grounds in real time, providing monitoring agricultural activities using drones and drones at the highest quality level.

agrotechnical operations include: crop rotation, optimal choice of cultivated areas, timely weeding and destruction of diseased plants. All these activities are aimed at ensuring good crop yields with minimal financial investment. Also, such works ensure the preservation of land fertility and protection from erosion.

In any agronomic measures used drones?

Drones in agriculture is used in the following cases:

  • for effective monitoring Agropoli from height of bird's flight;
  • to identify problem areas in the fields (with GPS reference);
  • for high-precision measurements of the fields to reflect the landscape;
  • for quality control activities performed by agricultural equipment;
  • to an accurate count of the germination of crops and projected yields;
  • with differentiated introduction of mineral fertilizers;
  • when monitoring the quality of planting and reclamation activities;

the benefits of using drones is indisputable: the efficiency of the obtained information, a significant cost savings, the possibility of developing infobase, timely detection of base-the forecast of the future harvest, efficient identification of factors that may impede effective farming.

monitoring selhozperepisi

in order to ensure maximum quality control of agro-technical measures using drones and UAVs need the following data of unmanned aerial surveillance:

  1. map of the NDVI.
  2. Orthophoto.

Also, it is possible to obtain a 3D model of fields, dem, e-cards cultivated land maps-elevation and rivers of the study area. This information is obtained by simultaneous shooting in the visible and infrared spectrum. These materials are processed from 1 to 3 days. Modern models of the drones, in just a few hours of flight allow you to monitor the fields with a radius of 20 km. The received information is the key to quality control perform agricultural engineering works, to perform the condition of the seedlings in the fields and their individual plots as well as time to locate the sales record unauthorized activities.

Given the high efficiency of this innovative technology, service - quality control of agricultural activities using drones and UAVs are in demand. But, to date, drones resorted to only as auxiliary tools to monitor crops and prevent risks in agricultural enterprises. To control drones should be exclusively experts. So, if you want to get a quality result, this service is only in specialized, certified companies. The firm LLC "Guild Engineering" ensures the implementation of all monitoring activities, mapping with centimeter accuracy in a very short time at a very affordable price.

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