the Control of geometric characteristics of rotary kilns

In the name of rotary kiln contains a description of how they work. Their body sloped to the horizon and during the operation of spinning. The material is subjected to heating and some processing and chemicals. Due to the rotation and the slant he moves from the loading to the unloading end of the kiln. of Surveying rotary kiln need to clarify the extent to which the actual position of the furnace after installation of the design, verification and documentary fixation of the mounting position after repair and reconstruction. The parameters of the furnace may be determined in cold and hot conditions.

Control the geometric characteristics of rotary kilns

Short rotary kiln are considered with a length of from 40 to 85 m. the Length of a long furnace can be 185 meters or more. There is a setup project with a length of 260 m. the diameters of the furnaces is a few meters. Long kiln clinker have more performance and less heat consumption than short. However, they are cumbersome units, present difficulties both in the construction and transportation and during installation. To properly install the furnace in operating position is the alignment of the axis of rotation of the furnace.

This operation can be performed with the use of level and theodolite. Currently often uses a laser tracker and an industrial total station. Koordinatoriaus using technology, determine the relative position of the bandages, podbunkernyh shells, support rollers, girth gears. Determining the position of characteristic points on the object's surface (or point cloud), calculate the center position and orientation of an object in space.

Reconciliation of the axis of rotation of the furnace occurs in two stages. During the first measurement is determined by the initial position of the furnace. Calculated deviation from the design position and recommendations to resolve the situation of the furnace. Adjustment is performed by adjusting the positions of support rollers. After this control measurement.

For the smooth operation of the rotary kiln must comply with the straightness of the axis of rotation of the shell. The tolerance of the curvature is 2-3 mm, but even such slight curvature leads to increased wear of the component parts of the furnace and increase energy consumption for rotation. During the test the furnace is surveying rotary kilns. Clarified the alignment of the centers of the bands, parallel roller bearings the axis of the furnace, cylindricity of the body, the roundness of the tires, the orientation of the components of the transmission.

Even during the installation of instrumental reconciliation are subject to the base frame idler, the impact of the roller supports. After the reconstruction of these elements is reconciliation.

Surveyors the company LLC ”Guild Engineering” marks the geodetic shooting of rotary kilns. During the consultation with our specialist, You can discuss the necessity of using those or other measuring devices to perform the desired measurements. The use of electronic total station allows us to perform work in complex production rhythm when running the installation. The high level of training of specialists and the experience of production work in different conditions, allow them during this important operation, as the alignment of the axis of rotation of the furnace, to use as paper drawings and electronic drawing two-dimensional and three-dimensional models.

Modern designing has increasingly resorted to 3D modeling for developing projects of rotary kilns and projects of their construction. The surveyors performed on this model, the removal of the axes of all the equipment during installation and subsequent permanent control.

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