Quality control of soil treatment and sowing

the Efficiency of agricultural production and high productivity are largely dependent on the implementation of field activities. If even one kind of agricultural work is done poorly, it will minimize the effectiveness of the procedures used for improving the fertility of the soil, making fertilization and chemical protection of crops. All operations should be performed in full compliance with technologies and existing standards that reglamentary requirements for the correct implementation of the agricultural process. To do this, use a service, such as quality control of soil treatment and planting, whose main task is the implementation of an approved technology and alerts of errors.

Quality control

quality Control of soil treatment and planting is mandatory when working in the field. Even a small violation of the depth, time, mechanical cultivation may be accompanied by strong contamination of the territories and erosive changes. Accordingly, this will lead to lower yields.

In this regard, surveillance should be conducted on time, and be sufficiently effective to quickly eliminate the deficiencies. Professional monitoring involves the use of effective modern methods of assessment of literacy performance and the excellent organization of control and measurement services.

there are several methods of quality control:

  1. the Visual method (visual).
  2. Tool.

If you use the first method should not rely on the absolute accuracy of the control. Only an experienced professional with high qualifications can perform work by this method at the appropriate level. The most popular and effective is an instrumental method based on the use of modern devices and gadgets.

Methods and criteria for assessing the quality of agricultural events

For the difficulties that may arise when monitoring quality include the heterogeneity of soils, soil moisture and the technological requirements for realization of process (rates and methods of seeding depth and row spacing, machining etc.). One of the important rules applicable to field events is the exact deadlines. Therefore, farmers not by chance the most important factor is called the time factor.

high Quality quality control of soil treatment and planting causes the use of specific agronomic requirements that apply to each type of event:

  1. To be cracked and disking of the soil standard criteria are time, depth, incorporation of residues into the ground, sufficient leveling.
  2. To ploughing is characterized by such quality indicators as timely execution of plowing at a certain depth, the degree of chopping, sputannosti plowed soil, plowing of roadsides of agricultural land, the unevenness, the sealing of the sod.
  3. When the cultivation of the quality factor are: the height of the ridges without exceeding the established norms, fully trimmed weeds, the ground should be fine lumpy when processing row spacing should not damage the plant.
  4. When sowing crops using the following quality indexes: timeliness, uniformity of planting the seed, depth of seeding and the inadmissibility of the unburied seeds.

  5. Harrowing evaluated on the depth, timeliness, lack of blemishes and loosening the soil surface.
  6. As a Daisy-chain are determined the same parameters as bronirovanie.

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