Quality control of topographic-geodesic and cartographic works and their acceptance

quality Control of topographic-geodesic and cartographic works

topographic-geodesic and cartographic works is very important in the design, preparation of necessary documentation for the allocation of a land plot, during construction, etc. it is Very important that these works were carried out efficiently, and the accuracy of the data obtained during the filming. These operations should be performed accordingly with all requirements and standards specified in the technical documentation.

Mapping and surveying work must be carried out efficiently and on time. This is the responsibility of the performers of these works. For admission materials must be submitted completed and thoroughly tested. Only those materials and products, which meet all requirements specified in normative technical documentation, and signed by the relevant persons in accordance with all requirements, can be called complete. Only in this case, all the materials and products can be used for further processing and then transmitted to the customer.

Regardless of what organization they were made, whether private enterprise or public, regardless of ownership and subordination, all topographic and geodetic works are quality control and acceptance. quality Control of topographic-geodesic and cartographic works and their acceptance is an integral part of the entire process. They are running for:

  • to check the conformity of the performed geodetic works all the requirements that are specified in the normative-technical documentation at all stages of their conduct;
  • to verify the correctness of the documentation, based on the results of the survey. All submissions must be prepared in accordance with all standards and requirements;
  • to check the quality of the finished product and to determine its readiness for further use in production or for final release;
  • to determine all deviations and faults which can be produced defective products;
  • to select methods for Troubleshooting.

In that case, if the customer or for further processing and concentration were submitted materials and products are of inadequate quality, which does not meet all the standards, requirements and norms of technical documentation, the performers are the administrative and criminal liability under applicable law.

to hold control mapping and survey work use the following methods:

  • implementation of control by the contractor during the execution of the products and training materials. This method is called self-control;
  • control of the responsible person for all activities, or organization leader. Monitored the performance of all cartographic and topographical works;
  • acceptance of the finished goods and of work performed;
  • implementation of control officials. For example, verification of state control or inspection bodies;
  • control by inspection by authorised persons of quality of the finished product and is made up of materials that are provided by local organizations and businesses. This method is called admission control. Among the materials and the products transferred to authorized persons can be the materials of photography, photographic, cartographic materials, and topographic and geodetic works.

At the heads of organizations and enterprises that organize quality control and acceptance of topographic-geodesic and cartographic works, as well as geodetic control quality of construction works rests the responsibility for the quality and timely implementation of all works. Control and acceptance of these works can be performed by the customer of these works, the Director or the designated responsible person. The responsible person shall be appointed by separate order.

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