Test shooting completed construction of buildings and structures

the Company "Guild of Engineering" provides a service for the control of the geometric parameters of buildings or constructions. We produce a full and selective geodetic quality control of construction works. All work is carried out efficiently and quickly, thanks to the long experience of our employees.

Executive survey is a complex of works aimed at geodetic control precision mounting structures according to the project documentation. It is the final stage of installation and construction works and can be done by comparing the project documentation and data obtained from the construction site. This survey allows to identify defects and deviations that were made during the construction process. According to the results of the survey compiled the relevant documentation.

the Purpose of this survey is to conduct the registration data of geometrical quantities of the constructions of real estate, landscaping elements and various overhead and underground utilities. Test shooting is also carried out for the purpose of monitoring the ratio of project materials respectively to all the requirements of the current normative documents.

Executive survey is conducted for all items for which the preparation must be in accordance with normative documents, technical design and project works. These include network engineering, the axis of the building, etc.. Our surveyors hold the Executive survey with the use of special equipment, using which the work is carried out faster, and receive data with an accuracy of up to millimeter.

Control-built survey of completed construction projects, is "the Guild of Engineering" as follows:

  • all data is processed;
  • carried out in the Baltic system of heights, with the use of the local coordinate system;
  • shooting is performed without leaving the boundaries that are allocated for the construction of the object
  • use a single scale of 1: 500.

as-built documentation shall be prepared with all standards and requirements.  Executive materials contain information about the project organization, the results of the as-built survey data on absence or presence of defects and deviations issued project in nature. If deviations were recorded, as-built documentation shall include all agreeing about them.

documentation is checked by inspection of the shooting, according to all the requirements of the current normative documents.

as-built documentation shall be prepared in several copies, one of which is transmitted the customer, the other remains the organization, which carries out the work, the third is transferred to the authorities of planning and architecture, and two more are in the operating organization.

Entrusting the implementation of control shooting completed construction of buildings and facilities of the company "Guild of Engineering", you can be confident in the quality of work that will be produced on time.

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