Coordinates of the land plot

Coordinates of the land is information on her whereabouts

In our country all the land was. Each parcel has a unique identifier by which the area can be identified and to see it on the cadastral map. Important information for the decision of the cadastral registration are the coordinates of the land plot.

Parcel boundaries are defined by lines, laid in a straight line between two adjacent corner points. Each corner point has its own coordinates. The plot may be small and large, simple rectangular or a complex polygon, it can have vclinic easements and restrictions on use. All these features of the site are shown with turning points.

When installing the coordinates of the land

Coordinates of the land - namely the coordinates of the corner points - are installed during manufacture of the project land. When making land management project creates technical documentation for the removal of land boundaries in nature. Submitted corner points. If the distance between two points is more than 200 meters, in the middle between them, set an additional point.

If the existing land is divided in half, or into several sections, coordinates change. The same thing happens when you merge the sites. At each site made the exchange file, which is attached together with the statement of assigning a plot cadastral number to the package of documents. Information exchange file is based on data from paper documents, which are compiled performers surveyors. It contains the coordinates of all turning points of the plot. Recorded, in what coordinate system the work is done. This information is stored for the lifetime of the site. According to the coordinates of the turning points is calculated the land area.

During the manufacture of the technical documentation drawn up a plan on which the boundaries and turning points. The corner points are assigned a sequence number. Attached to the plan table in which are written the numbers of the points and their corresponding coordinates.

Information about land ownership must comply with the duty plat.

Coordinates of land: the removal of corner points on the ground

The company “Guild Engineering performs surveying work. Due to the fact that it employs engineers, surveyors, details of which are included in the State register, the firm can be made work on the land development project can be executed the removal of boundaries in nature, made by technical documentation.

To directly begin the process of carrying out of points in nature, on a plot must have a point with known coordinates. It is placed in the middle section. With the help of satellite equipment, set the coordinates. Determination of the coordinates of a point can be made by laying a traverse from points with known coordinates. Then it installs the total station and using the milestones have all the required turning points.

Made point fix, setting boundary marks. This can be boundary signs of the established sample from durable polymer with a metal stamp, or a wooden or iron stake with a fixed plate. Every landmark sign has its own number. This number can be set the coordinates of the limit points at any time.

There are situations when you need to restore the boundary marks. If the land has a cadastral number, the data on coordinates of turning points can be invited to Deletemegadata. Coordinates of land uniquely determine its location.

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