Red line

Any plan of the location implies the presence of a large number of various designations borders and other elements of a parcel. One of the most important places take on graphic documents red line. The so-called markers, which are plotted on the map or plan in order to separate the common area from a specific individual land parcel. Why such lines are called red? Typically, red = things that you need to pay primary attention, the most important thing. In the case of geodesic materials red line is first applied to the document. The established boundaries of the site must comply fully with and be aligned with the red line. These lines can be local, separating the site from the roadway, as well as wider. Last share of street and road  from other areas.

At drawing red lines on the topographic plan is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the facades or other structural elements located at a specific site, do not go beyond the line side of the street. The plans that you are applying, can be at scales ranging from 1:500 to 1:2000. You need to clearly verify the placement of lines, to avoid controversial, problematic situations, when there is a mismatch of new marks with those that had already been deposited on land use planning documents.

Red line are applied to the design of graphic documentation. And when developing construction drawing, then those objects that were to be built on-site, should be placed only with regard to red lines. With the design of drawing these lines must migrate in nature to the construction site. Key provisions of the lines must be fixed wooden, metal stakes or concrete columns. The choice of method depends on the scale and duration of construction, as well as from the target destination of the erected structure. For example, concrete signs are not used for small buildings, but common, when it comes to the construction of large facilities, most often, industrial areas or in the construction of individual residential areas. First signs red lines are installed at the corners. Such signs can be done from concrete and intermediate grades simpler. And if on a site there are some old buildings and they are places of passage of the red lines, then directly applied on them indicate red paint.

Red line is essential not only for land designated for development. They are used to survey areas, their inventory, as well as during land management activities, for example, during registration of land and the registration of his ownership.

Without documents, which were approved red line, not allowed any work on site. Therefore, their establishment and application necessary for everyone who wants to do the re-registration of land documents or start of construction (reconstruction) process. Very important in this case accuracy. Otherwise, your project or land surveying document will not be approved, because the lines will not match reality. That this has not happened to you and you first have received all the necessary approvals and permissions, refer drawing red lines on surveying  documents the specialists of the Engineering Guild. Equipment and skilled specialists allow us to accurately determine the coordinates and other data necessary for the correct drawing lines on a topographic plan. All work is carried out by surveyors with relevant dobychnymi certificates.

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