Drawing red lines on the site plan

In the last year becomes more and more urgent topic determine red lines on the site plan, as well as making their vnature, or check their absence.

the Red line on topoplan specifies the builders and designers not only border to which permitted the construction, but also the security line the main streets, main communications, fire driveways and historic values. Also red lines are designed and follow along high-voltage power lines.

With the advent of modern digital maps appeared the possibility of maintaining the unified plan of the red lines of the whole city. In each such turning points of the line are the project coordinates in the urban system, or in SC. On customer request the fragment of the red line can be drawn on the topographic plan of the section.

the Red lines can be both direct and curves. Curve line repeats the form of the curb at a certain distance. This distance is calculated chief architectural Department of the town and cannot be broken. The relevance of the red line is confirmed by the seal of geodetic organization that has the right to conduct this activity. Let me remind you that the geodesic activity has the right to conduct only geodetic organization in the state which are officially certified engineers and surveyors. The document signed is not a certified engineer-geodesist is invalid!

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I would Like in a few words to dwell on the cost of services on application of red lines on the map of the site. It all depends on the region. For Kiev price together with all state payments to the cashier will amount to 950 UAH. For Dnipropetrovsk, for example, state the payment is not provided, and the cost of service "know your red line" it will not exceed 400 UAH.

let me Remind you that the construction of any buildings, structures or facilities on the territories of sections, a fenced protected red lines are strictly prohibited and controlled land Inspectorate, as well as the Executive and the current legislation of Ukraine.

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