3d laser scanning of complex contours of buildings

Technical progress develops ultra-fast pace. For surveying the new equipment in the study areas is of great importance. Because it determines the accuracy of the result. So, earlier to study one or another of the land was used optical devices. They were replaced by electronic total stations, and the quality and speed of work has increased several times.

But the electronic tacheometers. Now we give preference to devices of three-dimensional laser scanning. They provide an opportunity to learn about practically everything to look at it from the inside so to speak. Compared with the traditional total station, this equipment not only gives the opportunity to recreate the three-dimensional model of the investigated area, but also significantly automates the process.

Construction projects, compiled on the basis of data obtained by laser scanning is much more accurate and better. Especially important is the use of similar instruments on complex objects with hard-to-reach items, such as, industrial plants. Moreover, the processing of scanned data is carried out immediately, on the spot.

With the emergence of new equipment such as a 3D laser scanner simultaneously from two manufacturers Topcon and Leica in Ukraine survey companies geotop.com.ua it is possible to produce services such as 3D laser scanning. In all developed countries, such devices are already successfully applied. The price of this device starts from 800 000 UAH hence comes the high cost of such surveys. For example the scanning of a single façade of a small 2 or 3 storey buildings starts from 25 000 UAH. What this price includes:

  • budgeting for survey work;
  • Transportation professionals with the equipment to the place of measurement;
  • Field work
  • Office
    • Download the program raw data
    • data Processing
    • Conversion of drawing in a convenient for the customer
  • the Design of materials for delivery
  • Works at all stages are followed in all tax and licensing documents.

As a result on the basis of such a detailed shooting, it is possible to calculate the amounts of materials and future works.

the Implementation of 3D laser scanning occurs in several stages. Initially, the plan for the implementation of works. Defines the procedure, experts are selected which share certain responsibilities. When the plan is developed, one can already start to scan the object. When the scan is carried out, the specialists start to the next phase of work. He is working in the laboratory. The resulting scans are stitched together in the point cloud, there is a reference to the coordinate system. The result of these works is the copy of the data object with millimeter precision. The final step is to build 3D models, plans, drawings.

3D scanning is very popular due to a number of advantages:

  • measurement speed is very high;
  • high density measurements. Thanks to this advantage can be traced all the irregularities of the walls, columns and ceilings. High density of measurement allows us to understand every element and detail;
  • no "human factor";
  • dimensions reach maximum accuracy
  • the results of laser scanning can be used for multiple purposes;
  • ability during the field phase to determine the zone type "dead".

Laser scanning of buildings and structures is a service that is conducted by experienced specialists who have the skills to use scanner that can boast not every surveyor. Unfortunately, not all possess these knowledge, and not all survey companies have this device. The company " Guild Engineering" has a laser scanner, and also gathered a staff of the best surveyors who with the help of this device can scan buildings or structures.

in Addition to the 3D laser scanning of buildings and structures our company carries out the scanning of bridges, tunnels, energy facilities, industrial facilities, etc.

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