Surveyor and surveying work

In the exercise of prospecting and mining measurements, which are spatial-geometric in nature. These measurements are conducted in the bowels of the earth, as well as in certain areas of its surface. The data obtained in these works are the basis for the creation of plans, maps and charts. A specialist who performs these operations is called a surveyor. In other words, the surveyor is a technician or mining engineer.

To date, the surveyor referred to a specialist, whose work is aimed at carrying out planning and control of the quality of the execution of each stage of construction of underground structures. Also on it rests the responsibility for the organization of work and the necessary adjustments of the construction process in accordance with the plan delivery.

Before beginning the construction of various underground facilities surveyor reviews design drawings, determines the plan of work. When the plan is ready, the surveyor introduces to him the workers who will carry out his instructions.

The surveyor must possess special knowledge and skills that are necessary for the organization of the brigade. And also that it was made in accordance with the technology, which will provide high quality and delivered on time functional control. Breakdown of design axes in surface and underground facilities, laying track, splitting, etc. are also undertaken by the surveyor.

To surveying works can be safely attributed geodesy in screw arrivals of new Parking lots. To transfer the mark and save coordinates need to drive traverse or through tacheometric moves. Without understanding the discipline surveying it becomes quite hard...

the Harsh realities of modern mining surveying such that despite the scientific and technical revolution in the field of high-precision and high-performance equipment for instrumental measurements on the ground to apply them by the surveyor is not always possible. All because of limitations in the legislation in the field of occupational safety at hazardous enterprises or on preferential terms. For work in hazardous facilities, such as most of the mines of Ukraine with the possibility of ignition of coal dust and explosion of methane gas, the main condition for surveying the measuring equipment is not performance, accuracy, modernity, and its explosion.

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Specifically for admission into the mine equipment that has not been designated by the manufacturer as explosion-created Commission of Ukraine. Any device can pass examination for admission to work in an explosive atmosphere, but for this, the contractor must provide complete the electrical circuit of this device, and if the scheme is supplied, the admission is granted only on specific instrument with a unique serial number. Often the electric circuit is a commercial secret manufacturers of geodesic equipment, which leads to the impossibility of its predostavlyaetsya and the problem is that the shaft for measurements can carry only obsolete surveyor's instruments. Of the most commonly used are:

  • EDM FFM-1M
  • theodolite TK
  • the unit vertical design
  • gyrocompass MW-2
  • roulette komprimovany 50m
  • surveying temple MRA-3

this is Often the 1960-ies of the issue, what means that the performance and accuracy of the instrument. Hence the high price the complex of surveys, which caused great need of influence of the human factor, the availability of highly qualified specialists. And all this implies a huge effort, estimated man-hours, and given a 6-hour working day in the mines that in total results in person-days.

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