Measurements of Surveying the territory of the port

On the territory of the ports are located the warehouses, which store various loads. These goods are fully or partially moved, shipped and loaded other cargo. Owners of goods for business operations, it is necessary to know what quantity of a particular cargo is at the moment in the port area, how much of the load in the pile, which the estimated weight of the cargo in the warehouse. To control the volume of goods help surveying measurements in ports. Inspection of cargo takes place in the presence of the cargo, and begins with identification of the goods. If visual inspection and verification of documents will confirm that this is the load, the parameters of which you determine begin surveying measurements in ports.

Typically, the goods are stored in stacks. To determine the amount of cargo in the stacks, it is necessary to know the geometrical parameters of the stacks. To determine the geometrical parameters define the horizontal and vertical position of characteristic points of piles the method of tacheometric surveying. The results of these activities are transferred to the group Desk. According to the results of field measurements shall e-altimetric models of the stacks of cargo. The computer draws a three-dimensional model of the location of the cargo in the warehouse. The figure illustrates the cross-section, which split a stack to perform calculations. the Geometric parameters of the stacks allow you to determine the amount of cargo in stacks by the method of horizontal sections. The volume of each pile is determined as the sum of the volumes between all the sections. The greater the number of points determined altimetric data, the more accurate will be the electronic model is made of stacks of cargo. The use of computer programs for calculations eliminates errors in calculations.

bulk density of soil in the pile is determined by laboratory methods. The limits of the bulk density of the soil is calculated according to current regulations. the bulk density of soil and the estimated volume of the goods included in the formula for calculating the weight of the load.

the Estimated weight of the cargo in the warehouse indicated in the inspection report. Here you specify the device type, which defines the geometrical parameters of the stacks and the measurement error of this device. the Actual weight of cargo in the warehouse may differ from the calculated weight. This is due to the fact that the cargoes stored in open areas without protection from the effects of weather conditions. During the roll change physical properties of soil: the moisture content and fractional composition of the load. In accordance with this change its bulk density. The actual weight of the cargo in the warehouse may differ from the calculated weight and also due to the instrument accuracy, which were determined by the geometrical parameters of the stack.

the Company LLC "Guild Engineering" surveyor performs measurements at the ports. When you perform a tacheometric shooting, when it is determined the geometrical parameters of the stacks, surveyors firms use the most modern equipment - total station "LEICA" TCRA. This leads to minimum errors in determining the calculated weight of the cargo in the warehouse. Using advanced software allows engineers to perform calculations with high accuracy in the shortest possible time. Surveyor - the profession difficult. In addition to high professional qualities of the surveyor to perform surveying measurements in ports, must have stamina, balanced character and good organizational skills. All these qualities of employees.

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