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The latest software helps to increase the processing speed of surveying data, improve data accuracy and reliability, reduce by several times the costs of routine operations in the tasks of mine surveying support to transition to the new qualitative level view of the surveying data and preparation of the reporting surveying documentation. The primary task of the new programs is the minimization of the human factor. And as a consequence of this shift to paperless technology in the processing of spatial data and formation of accounting documentation. We plan to work in an open way of extraction of mineral deposits. We want to briefly revealed issues associated with whom the surveyor in the performance of their daily work in the mine. Our specialists will provide engineering support Your business, most of the tasks performed by the surveyors of various specializations at mining enterprises are identical and equal to such tasks include:

  • Tasks survey ground;
  • data processing surveying surveys:
    While there are significant differences and peculiarities, which are put in the software. Proceeding from the above, the software must allow to perform tasks as one, and the team of surveyors.

usually, the daily work of the surveyor is as follows:
working day begins with a dress on a shoot for replenishment of the current situation on the given section, after receiving applications for imaging surveyor will determine the place of shooting. After arrival at the destination and the installation of the device in the working position on the alleged plot, the surveyor occurs next task, namely to learn actually planned setpoint tool to do this surveyors there are many methods of serifs. After the surveyor has completed the measurements necessary for the determination of the coordinates of a point he goes directly to the shooting object. After shooting the surveyor performs applications for other film work in a career, and at the end of the last claim is sent to the surveying Department.

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The next step is cameral processing of the data of surveying. The calculation will start with the definition of coordinates surveying the point is to use a special geodesic task. Then we begin the initial data input these coordinates can be entered into the database manually or are portable electronic measuring devices via the interface cable.As a result we will get the necessary coordinates. In the future, they are entered into the database. Then we make a report of XYZ coordinates.

During the laboratory works, the surveyor is faced with different geodetic tasks that can be both direct and reverse. Direct geodetic problem is the transfer of coordinates from one point to another. Inverse geodetic problem is to define the azimuth angle and coordinates of points. Consider a direct sample computation: assuming that we know all of the original coordinates of the point "A" and the direction and the distance to point "B" horizontally, we can determine the coordinates of point "B".

Using through tacheometric shooting build the lower edge of the ledge with the purpose of increase of accuracy for further calculations (for example for the calculation of the volumes of excavated rock mass ) must be removed and rebuild the upper edge.

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