Location of the land

every land has its own address. It anyone can establish his location. Especially today, this process is even easier – online maps and navigators facilitate this task. But not only the street name and serial number identify the location of a territory. In the land there is also a concept of the location of the site.

From the point of view of engineers location of the land plot is the set of coordinates of certain points that transmit data on the boundaries of the territory. In this case, the coordinate system may vary depending on the needs. When it comes to the aforementioned, it is advisable to consider the local coordinate system. But when there are land use planning, it is cadastral coordinate system.

Land survey work – the most complex of all engineering processes at the site. Although at first glance, nothing complicated about them – much harder to do research on some industrial sites. But it is not about the practical difficulties. The thing is that these works, particularly their cadastral part, cause the most controversy has, to a greater extent as for the definition of location of the land plot. Such a pattern is celebrated as engineers, lawyers, realtors and other professionals in the field of land issues.

the procedure of determining the location required for the implementation of cadastral works on site. The combined results of these processes are documented in a single package of technical documentation for land registration in the cadastral authorities.

a Key element of the procedure of establishing the boundaries of the site are coordinates. That is what defines the main point, the angles that form the border. Therefore, accurate, correct determination of the coordinates of the desired site should pay particular attention to cross-check this information. The error will lead to inaccuracies that may be the subject of disputes between neighbours.

there Are times when the location is determined not only by coordinates, and specific objects on the passage of the boundaries of the site. This can be engineering structures, Railways, water features or green spaces. In this case, the cadastral documentation should indicate this information accordingly.

Binding the process of determining the location of the site is the negotiation of boundaries with neighbors. This is a key stage of the whole procedure, which should involve all stakeholders and the customer himself.

Some site owners think that they  have the opportunity to save on your procedure definitions site location. Such a case appears, if the territory is surrounded by land that has already been carried out cadastral works and there were clearly defined boundaries. However, relying on this information is not always, but only if you trust their neighbours and engineers who carried out for them to determine the boundaries. If even one drop of doubt creeps in you, it is better to spend funds and to double-check this information. Moreover, with the company " Guild Engineering” this procedure will cost you quite a bit.

Having the document, transmitting the correct coordinates of your site, you can be sure of the correctness and the use of its territory  for any purpose.

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