Survey of the land

Work aimed at identifying and securing the borders of a particular territory, are called subdivision of land. Besides the actual boundaries are determined, and other characteristics of the site, for example, size or shape. Exact boundaries are fixed using special boundary markers.

the results of the work on the ground are legally approved and attached documents, in which are entered all the information, in particular landmark plan. That is why, but also to ensure that the entire process was performed correctly, this work is done exclusively surveying company. Moreover, not all, but only those who have received special permission to perform this type of geodetic surveys. Our company Guild Engineering part of those who has a license to provide such services, and it does not overprices. In our state involving qualified engineers, surveyors, and engineers, surveyors,  working on professional equipment and have extensive experience in carrying out such processes.

In General, we work according to the following algorithm. Determine the cost of works under the key,  then carry out all the necessary work in order to determine the boundaries upon which to develop landmark plan. The finished plan must be approved by the appropriate government authorities. In that case, if the boundaries of the area was changed, then you want the site to re-register in the State cadastre. Not be amiss before beginning the process of surveying to raise all the available documentation on this site for comparison of previous and existing indicators.

There are several situations in which simply can not do without procedure surveying. She needed if the area is planned to divide or, conversely, to unite, and when you need clarification of boundaries. Moreover, any operation with this area you will not hold, if not follow land surveying land. In the case when you want to purchase a specific area, but among the documents there is no evidence that it was determined boundaries, better order this service, so as not to become a victim of unscrupulous sellers or realtors.

land Surveying land carries a lot of advantages. First and foremost is the ability to know exactly what the site is really yours. You may find that you have to use a little less land than there is in the documents. This means that you can pick you own ft. In addition, having the documentary proof of the boundaries of the site, you can win any argument with the neighbors.

With clear boundaries easier to build knowing in what direction and at what distance from the border, you can retreat. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to the administration of the city or district, to notify the relevant authorities about the results of the work performed. Having a document about the procedure, we can formalize the ownership of the territory, after all land surveying land is part of the cadastral works.

The land plot is carried out in several stages. Initially, you need to collect all the necessary documents to study and obtain maximum information about the study area. The time required to perform accurate and high quality survey. This is followed by field work. These include the development of supporting-boundary networks and survey of boundaries. The results obtained in the course of conducting these works are the basis for the Desk phase. This step creates a topographical plan. this document will provide an opportunity to determine the real size of land holdings. The last step is to prepare the package of documents for registration in the State cadastre.

The land surveying should be carried out with the aim of making the area a variety of legal actions. The survey allows you to obtain all the necessary conditions for the connection of communications that will significantly increase its cost, if you suddenly decide to sell it or to rent out.

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