Borders of the land

the Border of the land is determined according to cadastral and land records. in the boundaries of the plot set on the ground during the field work stage. Out on the basis of the documents on land use, which specify the location of the turning points of boundaries of the land.

the Above documentation of land management, et’linked with the territory and abroad, develop in the course of cadastral works. Respect of boundaries is mandatory’compulsory condition of its use, regardless of the sub’object – be it the owner, or lessee. In the case when between plots no clear boundaries such as trees or fences, it should be restored in accordance with the cadastral data.

there Are cases when the bounds on the documents cannot be installed. In this case delimit the territory in connection with the actual use of the site, and when this is not possible, then one territory is divided equally among all stakeholders. However, such situations are rare. In most cases, limits are set in accordance with the cadastral documents, and the separation line are marked with boundary markers, when no guard rails.

When the boundaries are fixed with special characters, it is not only about establishing boundaries, but also about their Stakeout. The removal of boundaries takes place with the help of landmarks, which are installed at turning points.

If the site has not had any surveying procedures to do this, we first need to do a cadastral survey of the site, and based on its data and conduct the procedure of the establishment of land boundaries.

This work is necessary in several cases. First of all, if you work on land tenure has not yet been performed and need to obtain appropriate documentation to the site. The second reason is the loss or displacement of landmarks that have been previously installed. In such a case is re-establishing boundaries, because the provisions of the preceding data is not true. The third reason is that the construction procedures. It is not strange, but in the course of construction can not do without the work of land management. Such cases may be to provide a fence or other fencing or the construction of a certain design. When it comes to design, we know the correct settings you need to position the building according to the norms.

There are two special reasons that stand out among others. First Wops’associated with the purchase of the land. If you have made the decision to purchase the parcel before signing the contract of sale, order the service establishment of boundaries. This will help you to ensure the correct documents for the land.

the Second situation, which requires information on the right border of the plot is the conflict between the neighbours on the boundary survey. This is a very common phenomenon. To settle the issue peacefully is not always possible and the case comes to court. Armed with information regarding the boundaries of the land, you can solve all conflicts.

typically, the procedure that sets the boundaries of the territory, begins with the preparation. It includes study of necessary cadastral and topographic information about the area. Further, when the engineer has received all the information, you can proceed to field work at the site. They provide for the establishment of the boundaries and, if necessary, fixing their boundary marks. Then all the data is processed and filled in the relevant Acts.

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