Geodesic monitoring of displacements and deformations of buildings

When the construction of real estate must be done to produce works such as geodetic monitoring. It's kind of conduct deformation of buildings during the construction process. Such monitoring also allows you to define the reasons of formation of these deviations, and to look ahead, identifying the degree of progressivity of their development, as well as to take appropriate measures in order to prevent critical situations that may lead to irreparable consequences.

for anybody not a secret that the new building after construction within a certain time sits. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the soil is compacted under the weight of the structure, so the residue of the property is considered quite a normal process.

the Term "drawdown facilities" in science - geodesy, implies a lowering of certain points of the constructed object, which causes the roll of the building, and in some cases, complete destruction. To avoid this it is necessary to conduct such work, geodetic monitoring, which will identify the measured sediment points of the structure. These operations are carried out not only for buildings that are in the process of construction, but also for the buildings in the vicinity of the construction site.

a Major component of geodetic monitoring is geodetic monitoring of deformations of buildings. They are implemented with the use of special surveying instruments which allow you to perform with maximum precision geometric leveling. For carrying out geodetic observations carried out planting of special grades and rappers around the perimeter of the object. In every measurement cycle is subtracted the difference of the elevations of these brands. these data allow us to analyze the variance and rapid change of their values.

an Important role in this process plays a geodetic control network of reference points and points. You should consider a very important point: the points of the network must be behind the zone of influence of subsidence. Our surveyors carry out geodetic observations using innovative equipment - high levels. They provide the most accurate data in the course of the work.

Works are carried out as follows. Brand and frame are laid around the perimeter of the object.

Monitoring also can be carried out using electronic total station. It is used in the case where cracks are visible on the walls of the building. It is very important that the monitoring data carried out by qualified surveyors who have extensive experience and possess special skills and knowledge, through which the works are carried out efficiently and promptly. These are our experts. They will measure with millimeter precision. Accurately measured coordinates will allow us to determine what part of the wall and which side is moving. Reliable information will enable you to apply appropriate measures that will help to stop the deformation process and to prevent their negative consequences.

Cost geodetic monitoring depends on the number of assigned brands, the size of the building itself, and also the sizes of areas of possible risk of distortion.

During carrying out of geodetic monitoring is conducted explanatory documentation, which contains information about each cycle of the measurements. The most important carry out these works in areas with unstable ground. These include roads and subway tunnels that are in the process of construction.


Definition, examination roll (tilt) of the building

the Roll of the building is the location, which is characterized by the deviation of the structure from the vertical plane respectively.

Geodetic monitoring include a measurement of horizontal displacement (rolls, shifts, tilts). Such measurements are used for objects of tower type. While rendering these services our surveyors use special surveying equipment - total stations. The aim of the measurements is the determination of the geometric center of the lower and upper sections of the building(according to the customer section, you can determine after a specified number of meters thus found the problem areas, for example, the roll in the top section may be absent, and, on average, to exceed the allowed...). According to the results of works prepared a technical report showing the status and the intensity of development of deformations. Is the development of methods aimed at eliminating deviations.

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