Monitoring of power lines - a safe way to prevent outages

denote the concept of "monitoring of power lines"

overhead power transmission line is specially designed and constructed apparatus for the transmission of electricity through the wires. They consist of poles, wires and insulators. And each of these components has its own settings that can over time and under the influence of external factors to change.

Monitoring of power lines using drones

Monitoring, which is a continuous process of monitoring the track condition by registering incoming information and track changes that allows you to notice unwanted developments in the LEP in a timely manner to intervene to eliminate the causes that can lead to accidents. Monitoring involves comparing new information received about the parameters of the lines with the previous data or criteria. Thanks to him, you notice the occurrence of an unwanted process, to trace its development and to make assumptions about future developments. Thus, monitoring of power lines is a convenient mechanism for service lines.


Monitoring of power lines: what are the parameters of the transmission line can be determined by using unmanned aerial vehicles

the Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to do the aerial photography along the route. These data can be determined the exact coordinates of the transmission towers. Photographic equipment gives high-resolution images, which are clearly visible security and sanitary-protective zone. The width can be controlled. Installed video provides video in real-time. The presence of foreign objects, machines and people who carry out unauthorized activity in the protected zones allows to identify air monitoring.

using drones measured parameters such wires as the boom SAG and dimensions. These data allow us to control the conformity of the dimensions of the wires to the norms in the emergence of new engineering objects which pass near or under power lines. Supervise vegetation, that prevents the emergence of threats to the integrity of the wires.

the Use of UAVs allows the operator to inspect the condition of insulators, as the UAV can fly at low altitude. When emergency shutdown invaluable information about the defects of the wires can be quickly obtained. Beyond the materials received from the UAV, significantly the damage is assessed after the occurrence of emergency situations.

Monitoring of power lines using drones: materials that can get the customer

the company "Guild Engineering" offers the monitoring of power lines. Existing firms drones and trained professionals enable as the periodic survey of LEP and constant surveillance. The result of the work performed may include the following materials provided by the customer:

  1. Topographic map of the area along the power lines for the width needed by the client.
  2. Topographic plans areas planned for construction of new lines.
  3. the Orthophotos and vector maps of the study area. Layers of vector maps can contain all the required customer information.
  4. Processing in a specialized software data, photo and video leads to the construction of 3D-terrain models.
  5. Statement of coordinates of the transmission towers.
  6. Table of installed wires dimensions.
  7. Photo and video, stating the condition of the insulators.

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