Monitoring of farmland

That may let the monitoring of agricultural land?

Monitoring - the process of tracking how they change over time, the situation on the controlled section - allows time to intervene and change the situation for the better. The circumstances on the fields of farms due to weather conditions or quality of fertilizer and planting material at any time to prevent you from receiving the desired profit. To avoid this, it is necessary to periodically monitor the factors affecting productivity. It can be such indicators:

  1. Actual area sown plots, pastures, hayfields.
  2. of an Area of vacant land.
  3. Plots with fertilizer.
  4. Sections planned for plowing.
  5. maps of soil fertility.
  6. of crops.

to Analyze the processes in the dynamics allows the mapping of the received data periodically. Accurate data allow us to more accurately plan the scope of future work. Considerable damage to crops can cause animal caught in the field. With the help of drones monitoring wetlands for signs of animals, i.e. protection from damage. Irrigation systems also require monitoring. According to the aerial photography it is possible to trace the direction of water erosion. Waterlogging, flooding and salinity fields can be traced according to unmanned technology, thereby predicting the yield.

With the help of the aircraft easy to detect agricultural machinery and to monitor the quality of the machine. Using based on high-precision orthophotos vector maps with highlighted information, it is easy to plan costs and revenues. For registration of compensation required documentary evidence caused by natural disasters damage that can be done with drone technology. Environmental conditions can also be traced.

Methods of obtaining information for monitoring

in order to exercise control over a territory, first you need to create an electronic map. It is created on the basis of the orthophoto constructed by the method of differential artifactrepository. Specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering” offer monitoring agricultural land with the construction of such maps with the selected information to the customer. These cards can be built on the results of aerial photography that is executed with the aircraft. To determine the acreage of fields used drones and quadcopters.

If you want to know how conditions change in planted fields, you can run over the area of fields with a predetermined frequency. The location of the damaged and diseased plants clearly visible on the images produced aircraft. Software available to surveyors firms for data processing, obtained in the process of aerial photography, very modern. Farmers can save on the cost of chemicals, as the use of aircraft provides information about the landings. Precise application of pesticides and herbicides pollute the environment. Monitoring agricultural land benefits. Multispectral shooting at drones will provide data on the content of nitrogen in the soil, the nitrogen content in plant tissues will allow to calculate index of humidity. You can find out the leaf area index and vegetation index.

employees of the company can carry out surveys on any scale. Also, the firm performed the analysis on fertility and the content of various chemical elements.

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