Monitoring of leakages and illegal connections on pipelines with the help of drones

by far the most effective way to examine all types of pipelines is the use of drones and UAVs. This is quite justified: such aircraft allow you to monitor gas and oil pipelines, and to obtain high-precision data on existing sources, illegal tapping and other unauthorized activities in the protected zones. If the drone is to install a video camera and a thermal imager, to obtain data on the condition of the infrastructure is possible in real time. Thus, the monitoring of territories is carried out without leaving the office.

Monitoring of leakages and illegal connections on pipelines by drone

the Materials obtained through the use of a drone will help to perform a competent analysis of the technical condition of the space around the pipe and the pipelines on different sites. Also, these data can be used, taking as a basis for creation of modern maps in digital format. The company "Guild Engineering" has extensive experience in the field of geo-information services and highly qualified specialists who quickly and professionally be able to perform any services using innovative unmanned equipment. When ordering, monitoring of pipelines, the quality of work is guaranteed.

Tasks that can be solved using drones

Quality air monitoring leakages and illegal connections on pipelines, allows not only to perform monitoring of the infrastructure, but also to analyze the changes and to plan important events. Besides, it's the most cost-effective method of research: the price of the service quite affordable.

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the Main tasks solved with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, are as follows:

  • perform continuous monitoring of various pipelines;
  • study areas of the space around the tubes;
  • the timely detection of leaks;

  • implementation of appropriate assessment техcnfye the discharge pipe and the detection of even a small damage on it;
  • control works on objects;
  • identification of strangers within the protected areas;
  • detection of unauthorized taps into the pipelines;
  • ensuring the reliability of operation of the pipeline;
  • inspection of inaccessible areas.

Also, unmanned equipment is often used for control in case of emergency situations and accidents (to avoid the risk of finding people in the area, where the incident occurred).


Remote monitoring and diagnostics of the pipeline, which runs using the apparatus, is carried out in several stages:

  1. of Pre-flight preparation involves the collection and examination of documents, selection of target equipment and optimal models of drones, tuning machines, matching the flight program with the client and regulatory authorities.
  2. full-scale study. This step reconnaissance (ground), set the starting point, carried out test flights, after which, directly implemented by digital aerial photography;
  3. processing of your information involves organizing the information, geospatial reference data decryption.

At the end of all stages of research, well-performed reporting and documentation required by the customer in the formats specified in individual technical specification. Ordering of such services, will ensure the preservation, safe operation and further development of pipeline transport of all types.

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