Geodetic works during installation of technological equipment

Geodetic works during installation of equipment

Our company's many years of experience has developed an optimized complex of engineering-geodetic activities in the installation of process equipment engineering and industrial sites.

advanced engineering construction characterized by the complexity of the devices and the operation conditions, high requirements to ensure the position precision parts, assemblies and mechanisms. The tasks of the geodetic support with every day are becoming more diverse and more demanding both precision and methodical features. Addressing them requires special geodetic techniques that may be used only at the design stage of the engineering object. This surveyor prior to putting the equipment must understand the root-mean-square error(accuracy) how to define your own coordinate and SKO given them the coordinates to a prism or a reflector directly on the hardware.

to expose the metal structure or equipment is not always sufficient to specify its exact location, and then set vertically. Often you need to use special techniques for speediest cast metal in the design position, and identify the most critical components. In addition, during operation of process equipment in consequence of wear and tear can change the vertical and horizontal elements that were set initially or alignment of these elements. In order to identify these problems need systematic geodetic survey equipment and its main geometrical parameters.

in Addition to horizontal, vertical and alignment there are several parameters that must be present in the equipment. These parameters are parallel, tendency, perpendicularity, straightness. Each is identified by its methods and has distinctive features of the survey procedures before installation.

to verify straightness, used a variety of methods, including those where it is necessary to use special equipment such as laser devices. Alignment check can be a string or an optical method. Needed this option for such equipment as pumps, turbines, compressors, and other industrial installations. Horizontal investigated by key points. For example, if we are talking about the stove, it will be the top point.

during the surveying support equipment installation this procedure applies as leveling. This is a very common process when operating industrial facilities. Leveling helps to identify the excess of one element or part over another. This is particularly effective surveying method when checking the horizontality of the equipment.

Geodetic support installation of technological equipment is carried out in several stages that are executed in a chain. Without previous stage it is impossible to perform the next.

Consider the steps for surveying support:

  • preparatory phase is to lay layout. Then checked the accuracy of the installation relative to the project requirements. The precision of a fraction of a millimeter;
  • install bearing structural elements;
  • geodetic survey. She is ka every stage of the installation work;
  • mounting hardware. This stage is carried out using the project drawings;
  • deformation control. Their identification is very important because timely detection of deviations in order to take the necessary methods to eliminate them.

the Implementation of geodetic support of installation of process equipment should be entrusted only to qualified surveyors who have the appropriate certificates and permits to carry out these works. Our experts meet all these requirements and in this paper we apply special surveying instruments that allow you to obtain the most accurate data within minimal time.

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