Ground-based laser scanning

3d Laser scanning is a sensing system that measures the distance from the scanner to the object with high speed and registers the corresponding directions of further creation of three-dimensional image in the shape of the point cloud.

Terrestrial laser scanning consists of a scanner of a laser beam and a laser rangefinder, which is adapted for operation with a sufficiently high frequency. The scanner consists of a polygonal mirror or prism and servo. The servo pulls the beam by an amount which is installed in the horizontal plane, while the upper part of the scanner rotates. In the vertical plane scan is using swing or rotation of the mirror. During scanning, the distance to the object points and the distribution of the laser beam is fixed. The result of terrestrial laser scan this scan. The pixel values of the scan consist of elements of a vector with elements: RGB-component (real sets the color of the dot), the measured distance and the intensity of the displayed signal.

Terrestrial laser scanning 3d increasingly used in various fields of industry and construction in the solution of various problems of engineering geodesy. Laser the scan is so popular because of several advantages over other methods of measurement, namely: the ability to perform work in any light; the definition of "dead zones" in the production phase of field work, thanks to three-dimensional visualization of real time; using the results of 3d scanning for a variety of purposes; scan points with only one centre design; a high degree of detail; safety when shooting dangerous areas and areas which are difficult to access.

Terrestrial laser scanning used in the following areas:

  • construction of engineering structures and their operation;
  • mining; oil and gas industry;
  • architecture
  • shipbuilding;
  • commit the crime scenes and accidents;
  • development of various measures aimed at liquidation of consequences of emergency situations and their prevention;
  • carrying out topographic surveys on the territory that has a high degree of development; modeling different types of trainers.

Experts the company Guild Engineering with extensive experience performing design using terrestrial laser scanning will help you to carry out condition monitoring of facilities; to determine the volumes of tanks and rocks; to produce work on laser scanning for civil and industrial objects; create three-dimensional models of buildings, monuments, technological equipment, bridges, tunnels; to carry out the shooting of the facades and interiors of buildings, the construction of the sections and profiles.

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