Bearing capacity of soils

the Removal of boundaries of the site should be carried out, when the early fixed boundary marks under any circumstances have been lost. The service of the removal of boundaries in nature of the land plot is carried out by determining and fixing on site turning corners special boundary markers, each of which has its own number, consisting of ten characters. This number is the only unique throughout Ukraine. The implementation of the consolidation boundary markers on the land use object is referred to as the "clogging pegs".

Works, called geodesic imply a range of services aimed at the identification and establishment of borders of object of land management. To land management activities also include work aimed at consolidating these boundaries boundary marks. The establishment of their coordinates is the removal of boundaries of land plot.

the Implementation of such works is important when:

  • are formed are ordered or existing land;
  • you must restore the borders of the land in the locality;
  • there is no information about the location of land parcels.

the Removal of boundaries in nature section is subject to all the requirements specified in technical task, which is designed to perform data operations. The basis for this task is the project of territorial land management, or information about the object land in the state land cadastre. This documentation is provided in the form of extracts, represents the shape of the cadastral plan of the study area.

land Surveying occurs after such events:

  • collection and analysis of necessary materials for the implementation of the removal of boundaries of the object zemleustroitelnih;
  • implementation of field work on the land;
  • notification of owners of adjacent parcels;
  • the definition of land boundaries and the coordination and establishment of boundary markers on them;
  • determination of the area of the investigated land;
  • determination of the coordinates of boundary markers installed
  • maintain land use cases;
  • the design of the investigational plan of the land plot or drawing a map of the boundaries of the land;
  • approval of land use cases.

For the implementation of the removal of land in the nature of studied area leaves certified engineer-surveyor to survey the area and fixing of stakes, which are further mounted a fence or some other barrier. This will allow to visually determine in what framework it is possible to design phase or are ready to implement the project.

the materials Obtained during the removal of boundaries in nature can be used in judicial decisions, when buying operationssales, installation of fencing and the erection of buildings or structures.

the Holding of the removal of boundaries of an object on the ground requires the following data:

  • cadastral number of the land plot in the format 3221655100:01:047:9999;
  • the size of the area being surveyed;
  • the number of pixels, which is rotatable;
  • the address of the object markup
  • copy the state of the act confirming the right of ownership;
  • admission to the site;
  • if one of the parties is controversial, the presence of neighbors.

the Most frequent questions concerning the service of the removal of boundaries on the ground

What you need from me as a customer to order the service for the removal of boundaries in your company?

To order the service, I you should:
  • Know your cadastral number in the format 3221655100:01:047:9999. This number is provided in the STATE ACT on land, either in the contract of purchase and sale. Cadastral number we order the coordinates of your site, then import them in your surveying equipment;
  • Define the purposes for which it is necessary to make work, as for example for ship trials need some documents, but for completely different builders;
  • Agree on the date of departure to the area to conduct field work;
  • to Determine the form of consolidation of the boundary markers of the turning points of the plot.

What is the cost of the service for the imposition of boundaries on the ground?

To calculate the cost of the services we need:
  • you have dictated to or sent cadastral number of the plot 3221655100:01:047:9999, it is possible to find the state act on the ownership or on the rental agreement. He will give information about the amount of field work, square footage, number of turning points and its location;
  • If the rooms are not at hand or inconvenient to dictate, then fit info: address (region, city, street), the approximate size is 6 to 20 acres or 2 hectares, the approximate number of turning points of the plot (this plot is level 4 turning points, or broken with 10 points or more);
  • to Understand the purposes for which required removal of boundaries in nature;
  • Urgency;
  • the Form of payment (cash, cash cost including VAT).

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