Leveling the track

Before you are ready to perform certain construction work on the land, it is necessary to order the execution of special surveys, including the survey. Such work should be performed only by professionals: even the smallest error can have fatal consequences for the further construction. And if not to conduct such studies, it is not excluded that in the future the building can change shape as a result of shifts, rolls, warps or subsidence. Such changes may be the result of uneven subsidence of soil, and must be promptly recorded by the engineers-surveyors: the monitoring of changes of the object is extremely important and is of great importance for the timely prevention of the destruction of the construction object.

This can be a definite change of shape of the structure or other change of an object's position − displacement or subsidence, which must be promptly recorded by professionals. Therefore, to conduct special monitoring of all changes in the positions of structures relative to the initial, is extremely important and is of great importance in order to prevent the destruction of the object. One of the most common methods of control is the leveling and geodetic survey of the area. This important study, as the track leveling is carried out to survey before construction of roads, canals, and in constructing the profile of the area and the creation of high-altitude bases of surveys.

Types of leveling

By appointment there are two types of leveling: technical and societal. Precision leveling is divided into four different classes, and according to the method of measurement for geometric, geodetic, hydrostatic, automatic and barometric. All of these methods of leveling are ready to perform qualified specialists of the company "Guild Engineering". Great experience even with very complex projects and high qualification allow them to quickly and efficiently conduct a track leveling on any terrain.

We pay attention to all the smallest details while working quickly and accurately calculate the volumes of all excavation work. We have modern geometric instruments and equipment. For example, our specialists at Arsenal has such a modern optical mechanical instrument as level. According to the design, it can be of different types: with auto compensator, electronic, or level with a cylindrical round pipe. Class accuracy levels are divided into precise, technical and precise. The place where is installed this device, called a station, and the cut work sections. With this assistant surveyor and special rails, are carried out all necessary work at the site.

That includes leveling route?

Leveling is the surveying in which measurements are performed to define the dimension of exceedances (level points). In events, referred to as the track leveling, the following stages of work:

  • reconnaissance.
  • breakdown of manner;
  • conducting leveling;
  • analysis and processing of the information received;
  • the construction of the route profile on the required scale.

The objective of any leveling, regardless of type, is to get a completely accurate marker of the pickets and of plus points to build a profile of the land. And the number of permutations of a level and reek, in the process of leveling of the track is determined by its length.

Wish to order high-quality and professional land surveying: contact the company "Guild Engineering" and we will provide you with expert advice, quickly perform the necessary specialized services at quite affordable price.

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