Often the actual state of the cultivated land is significantly different from the stated in the documentation area. The reason for this discrepancy, is often the prescription of execution of measurements of the field or their inaccuracy. the Measurement fields from the company "Guild Engineering" is a quality measurement of the land plots of all sizes and shapes, regardless of the terrain. Special devices GPS system and DGPS used by our specialists, will help you to accurately measure the field, including those from individual sites. After the implementation of all works, all the information obtained is verified and processed. Based on the outcome data, issued the act of measurement, with the exception of all areas unsuitable for agricultural activities (gullies, ravines, wooded landings).

Methods of measurement of cultivated lands and areas

Measurement fields, after which the individual creates an electronic map of the field, is the primary point to perform when you wish to carry out precision farming, to reduce costs and increase productivity. To approach such work required with full responsibility. Traditionally, field measurements used the following two methods:

  1. Mapping. This method involves the measurement field on a large-scale plan (not updated). The method is considered the most inaccurate.
  2. Geodesic. The most precise and labor-intensive. When ordering such measurements, the geodetic experts of the company conduct research directly in the field using spetspribor − theodolites and levels.

a Lot cheaper and more accurate to use when measuring a new innovative technology that gives the minimum error area. But, whatever the method was not preferred, to carry out measurement fields have experienced engineers with the appropriate knowledge of surveying, agriculture and mapping. When implementing such measures, certainly take into account the landscape and the characteristics of the soil and land is unsuitable for agricultural work.

design cards

today, after the implementation of the measuring operations, an electronic vector map of agricultural land. She has a huge advantage over the paper version, as each field it is completely Autonomous. Thus, each object can be edited separately, fixing the following parameters: a passport specific fields, routing planning aproperty and agrochemical characteristics. This database will be the basis for selection decisions with regards to management of agricultural areas.

Most common mistakes in measurements

From the correctness of the measurement depends on the productivity of the exploitation of the land. Most often, when a non-professional services may be admitted the following errors:

  • violation of binding to geographic coordinates;
  • incompatible data format GIS system;
  • initial use of incorrect coordinates, resulting in a field can be superimposed on bodies of water, roads and other infrastructure facilities. In this case, the map can be seen with the emptiness, which actually do not exist.

These errors can be fixed by qualified experts, but often the measurements have to produce again.

what determines the cost of the service?

Price of area measurements of the fields depends largely on the method by which they are performed. Also, an important criteria that affect the pricing are considered to be the distance of the object, the availability of source documentation, the complexity of the terrain and the urgency with which you need to do the work.

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