Measurement of the value

Measurement work is called a set of procedures carried out to identify the dimensions of the various structures that have these buildings at the time of the work. This procedure is necessary in cases when you plan any kind of manipulation with this structure. Thus, the measurements should be conducted if the building is going to reconstruct, restore or overhaul repair, in order to make a passport designs or to collect materials for the archive before demolition, and in order to control the construction process or to compare the actual performance with the project.

When performing measurement works uses a special technical equipment, allowing to establish a truly accurate settings. Namely, the accuracy is the most important criterion. What is more, directly after the measurements have all the data to transfer to the drawings, which will act as a graphical document. These drawings will be several separate for each floor, as well as other elements. Such instruments include not only the parameters of the building, but all of the premises located inside. In General, all measuring work can be divided into categories depending on what you want to explore - it can be the interior of residential, office, industrial or other types of buildings, the measurement of the external parameters of the structure as a whole and its separate elements - facade, roof, foundations and others, as well as measurements of engineering objects, such as bridges.

Measuring work have their own algorithm, which consists of several sequential steps:

  • the first thing that is done is developed a technical specification, which is undergoing the approval procedure with the client;
  • followed by field work directly on the site - create geodesic the basis and conducted measurements by shooting;
  • after that, all received data are processed and compiled drawings.

typically, the drawings are available in two versions - in electronic and printed. This allows the customer to dispose of in the future work them the way he feels comfortable.

measurement works, as with any other geodetic service related issue is their cost. Much does it cost to conduct the measurements clearly we can not say. In each case the price will be different and it affects a number of reasons. This scale structures, which need to be explored, the number of floors in it. All depends on the preferences of the customer - one need floor drawings in a standard graphic format, and the other a three-dimensional model of the building. Therefore, the cost of measurement can be calculated only after talking with the customer and acquaintance with the object itself.

Regardless of what features and options vested in your building and what are your requirements for registration of graphical results, the company Guild Engineering can offer the best prices the carrying out of such works. Moreover, the quality of their performance is at a high level. You will only get accurate data through the use of professional equipment and skillful actions of skilled employees.

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