Survey of the foundations of buildings and structures

Any building needs a solid Foundation - and residential, and industrial. And so the Foundation was strong, need not only to design and implement the project. The Foundation is a bearing structure, whereby the load of the building or buildings are distributed evenly on the Foundation soil. Unreliable Foundation may entail negative consequences such as cracks in walls and much more. It must be thoroughly and in a timely manner to monitor. Examination of certain elements of structures is an important thing, but also very complex. The most time-consuming process - it namely examination of the foundations of buildings and structures. Its difficulty lies in the fact that the monitoring process is influenced by many additional factors, some of which may be hidden. But being hidden, they are, however, affect the General condition of the structure.

Examination of the building Foundation is performed in order to determine the status of the base of the building, as well as to identify the geological characteristics of the soil which is in contact with the Foundation. Just this contact and can affect the integrity of the Foundation, the presence of deformation processes and the degree of their development.

Before examination of any Foundation facilities, regardless of size and location, you must perform a thorough preparation. First you need to study geological data analysis, if it were carried out in this area, for example, before the construction of the building. You also need to review and project materials. Special attention should be paid to the layouts of communication networks in order to avoid damage to them. After experts examined all the materials you need to visually assess the design and external part of the Foundation for changes, destruction. You need to understand what their degree and what is their nature.

Topical and sometimes controversial issue is the question of the opening of the Foundation. In order to conduct a full and comprehensive monitoring, intrusion necessary. However, it is not always possible, especially if the deformation of the Foundation strong. The complexity can be this procedure, if we are talking about the building, which is located in a densely populated urban area, where the probability of subsidence and emergency situations is very high. In the case of the project documents or even visually it is clear that to open the Foundation cannot, there is only one way his examination - static sounding.

If pronounced signs of damage there, then you can open the base. This is done by digging pits. When drilling produced, it is possible to fully examine the Foundation. A complete analysis includes the study of technical parameters, inspection of waterproofing (if it is present), the determination of the degree of loading of the upper part of the structure on the base, the presence and degree of damage to the Foundation, the state of the construction materials that were used during the laying and other parameters.

Also, when conducted the autopsy of the Foundation, it is necessary to take soil samples for laboratory analysis in order to study the degree of its corrosive impact on the ground. If earlier, similar work has been carried out, the samples are still taken, and the results are compared. In some cases, you may require and supervise, if it is determined that they affect the state of the grounds.

Laboratory methods you can install and degree of subsidence, and the degree of strength or deformation of the base. When all the samples investigated and all the data is received, this information must be processed and arrange in a single report.

How to make holes in what places and what  methods to investigate the samples is determined individually in each case. It all depends on the location of the building, its height and size, and also on the degree of deformation and changes that occur in it. All this is determined by the specialists in the inspection of the site and acquainted with the object. If you contact the company in the Engineering Guild for survey Foundation, you can count on the full and efficient implementation of this procedure.

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