Survey of the foundations

Basis is the basis of any design. From its durability, reliability depends on the durability and safety of the entire structure. Therefore, a comprehensive study of the foundations should be given special attention. One way of monitoring the status of the Foundation is examination Foundation.

This is mainly for two main reasons. The first is the presence of signs of damage, deformation of the Foundation. Such deformation processes include cracks, subsidence, damp from exposure to groundwater and so on. Another reason examination of the foundations is scheduled monitoring before the work connected with the increase of load on the base. For example, your building had two floors, and you decided to finish third. But perhaps the Foundation of your building not designed for the extra large load. He will stand or no additional weighting, and you can find out by examination.

survey Process is a serious procedure that does not go one stage. The main tasks given to the assistants is to identify the causes and the degree of deformation processes, if any. Either install the integrity and strength of Foundation. If the procedure is executed by all the rules and as fully as possible, in addition to these analyses and calculations will be added and geological study of the soil underneath the Foundation, in order to identify its impact on the ground.

first of all, this is a serious work requires preparation. We need to examine all materials associated with this structure. The main document that you want to study this project and all related materials. If the plot had already been some geological surveys, their results also need to be aware of.

At the stage of preparation of the decision and autopsy Foundation. Not always it is possible to unearth. If there is deformation characteristics, the procedure unearth may further exacerbate the situation and will not be completely safe. Ultimately, such actions can only strengthen the drawdown, if any, had already taken place, or to allow partial destruction of the whole structure. In order to find the right way out of this situation need to spend probing the soil.

When training is completed, you can proceed directly to the survey. At this stage, the Foundation has already opened and you can dig holes in those places where the observed deformation changes. Before digging to make a plan based on a drawing of the communication lines, so as not to hurt them. When the pits dug, you can spend research Foundation. Reveal all its features - the size, type, depth, type of materials, humidity and waterproofing. Special attention should be paid to places with disabilities, to explore the degree of deformation. This can be used in a variety of ways - from observation using beacons to use levels to establish certain parameters.

But to define all of the indicators cannot be directly at the site where the works. In order to obtain detailed information, you need to spend and laboratory tests. They will provide full information about the negative changes in the functioning of the Foundation. At the final stage all obtained data are summarized, analyzed, and summarized on the basis thereof. All this is presented in a single report. It contains all the factual information and practical recommendations for the further work with the Foundation to bring it to its normal state.

comprehensive examination of the foundations performs service company Engineering Guild.

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