Inspection and certification of buildings

Any building or structure, regardless of its designation, age, ownership and size should have an official document confirming the fact of operational suitability or unsuitability. This document, called the passport. That passport is a document certifying the technical condition of a building or structure. It is obtained on the basis of periodic surveys of the property.

Inspection and certification of a building is done to assess its technical condition and also the choice of methods and decision-making to ensure its reliability during operation. This type of work carried out for the preparation of the passport of the technical condition of a building or structure. condition Survey of structures allows you to follow:

  • man-made environmental changes of the object;
  • engineering-geological conditions of the site facilities;
  • characteristic of ground waters, their chemical composition;
  • protective buildings and structures;
  • changes in the base of the building, with the deformations of the Foundation;
  • possible deviations of load-bearing structures;
  • cover and roof structures, and other elements, the design and layout of which is regulated by building norms and rules (SNiP).

On the completion of the survey of the building prepared a technical report. The examination allows to determine to which category of the technical condition of the object belongs to. If the time these operations were revealed any defects or deviations, the respective solutions are accepted for their elimination. Only after all work is completed Passport is issued technical condition of buildings of the established sample. Order the examination and certification of a building or structure you can contact the company " Guild Engineering”.

the form of the Passport is filled in by the building owner or facilities on the basis of data obtained during the inspection of the technical condition. Also in completing this document takes an expert organization, which carried out a geodesic survey. When the form is filled, there are signatures of owner and representative of the surveying organization. Passport snoreeze with applications, five of which are mandatory and the rest are attached in case you need to identify certain characteristics of the property. The passport is issued in two copies. One is being handed over to the owner of the building or buildings, and another is transferred to the institutional archive, which conducted the survey and certification of the building.

Follow-up survey takes place either out of necessity unscheduled for this procedure, or in accordance with the rules of examination and evaluation of the technical condition of a building or structure.

the Company "Guild Engineering" such a procedure, survey and evaluation of technical condition of buildings and structures, various real estate projects. The expertise of our professionals and the latest technological equipment that they use in their work, allow to obtain reliable information about the technical condition of buildings and structures.

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