Survey of cottages and shops

A survey of cottages: verification of environmental well-being The owner may be a number of issues related to living in the house. It may be of interest is whether the district of residence environmentally safe, there are no nearby industrial facilities a sufficient distance from the cottage to the motorway, does the area is ecologically disadvantaged the nearest incineration plant or solid waste landfill. It can refer to the firm performing inspection of the cottages.

Specialists of the company can be verified background radiation. In the case that he raised, is to determine what factors are causing this phenomenon. The source of increased radiation can be building construction, or used lining materials. The problem in some cases can be eliminated. Discomfort can cause electromagnetic radiation, the use in the repair or construction of toxic materials, environmental furniture. The scope of work includes a variety of measurements and laboratory tests.

After conducting a survey of the cottage the owner will receive recommendations to resolve problems.

Inspection of stores: the passport of the building

The building in which the store is located, should have a document confirming its suitability for use, or a passport. Base to obtain is carried out the periodic examination. The unsuitability of the building for use is also documented.

Inspection of a technical condition of the building is performed by the specialists of LLC “Guild Engineering”. During the work particular attention is paid to issues such as anthropogenic changes in the environment, geological structure of the site is the location of the store or of the cottage; the chemical composition of groundwater and their development; the condition of structures and foundations.

The detection of deformations, defects and variances in decisions for their elimination. Upon completion of compilation of the Passport of technical condition of the building. Filled form attached with signatures of owner and representative of the surveying organization, conducted the survey. One copy of the passport will be kept by the owner of the store, and the second performed the survey firm.

A survey of cottages and shops: teploaudit

Comfortable to be in the house where it is warm and comfortable, do not prevent draughts, and do not slam the door. The same applies to shops. To identify the locations of heat loss is teploaudit of the building.

Teploaudit carried out using a thermal imager. This device, on the display which different colors show areas with different temperature. Guiding device to different parts of the cottage, define places of high temperature and low. The test is conducted outside and inside the cottage.

It is advisable to perform this test after the erection of walls and roof before interior trim. At this stage it is easiest to eliminate heat leakage from the cottage as they are detected. All parts of the house are examined. Teploaudit is highly sensitive temperature imager with a large range of temperatures.

Teploaudit can be carried out at any stage of the existence of the cottage. Prior to repair or reconstruction, to complete the insulation of walls to reduce heating of the cottage in autumn-winter period.

Specialists with sufficient experience in performing such kind of surveys, easy interpretiruya readings of a thermal imager. When the scan is complete will be prepared a detailed report with photos.

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