Monitoring of buildings and structures

Each building is a concrete story. And it's not about the cultural, architectural or historical value. Each building has its own story construction. Has your project, year of construction, passport  and the address of the location. And from all of these parameters depends how long will stand design, as it will be used. Also it is influenced by its functional purpose. Some factors may be positive, others negative. In some cases it happens that the set of indicators determines the ideal place for building. And sometimes Vice versa - a confluence of negative factors significantly shortens the lifetime of the structure.

to Identify violations, changes to the building and its individual parts, and is called inspection of installations. This monitoring is aimed at the control of the individual object, on the analysis of its condition, as well as evaluating. If the structure is necessary reconstruction or repair, the ability of these procedures is also determined by survey. Timely and correct geodetic monitoring will help to avoid accidents on a specific object.

the Main challenge for the specialists of our company, when we go for services examination is to determine the condition of the structure and to find the damage. Knowing this information, you can build any predictions about the development of the situation in the future.

to Conduct a survey of the building for the owner. But there are some cases where no such procedures do not in any way. First of all, when the design has obvious signs of damage, visible to the naked eye. If the planned renovation or remodeling, you will need monitoring. Another case is the continuation of the construction process after a long downtime. The duration may last several years.

depending on the goals posed by the customer, as well as individual characteristics of the building, we can carry out various inspection procedures. All of them can be divided into three large blocks.

the First is the stage of exploring the territory and the object. Our staff are examining the structure with the aim to get as much objective information. Based on preliminary data, it is possible to build further our action plan. Within this block also defines the parameters of the building, the functioning of its engineering structures, the detection temperature characteristics, information about the destructive elements, for example, corrosion. You also need to familiarize yourself with previous geological and geodetic materials that can shed light on certain features of the design.

the Second block is the survey itself. In the framework separately examined each element of the Foundation, structural elements,  floors, stairs, roofs, and other. Examined not only the building, but the ground beneath him, if necessary, and this information will somehow affect the outcome.

the Third block involves conducting settlement operations. Calculated foundations, walls, floors. The calculation module is terminated, because the information for it is taken from the previous procedures.

Technical documentation, prepared according to the results of monitoring, contains full information about the building. In addition to the report made specific formal technical opinion that convey the state of the structure at the moment, as well as data for the renovation or redevelopment.

Inspection of buildings and structures with representatives of the Engineering Guild comes complete, accurate and objective.

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