Survey of the building during reconstruction

a New, beautiful building, you can get not only raising it from scratch, and doing high-quality reconstruction. Reconstruction allows to change the functionality of structures to transform its appearance, add functionality from within. This process is no less extensive and time-consuming than building. It often happens that it is easier to build new than to repair the old one.

in Order to carry out the reconstruction process efficiently and accurately, it is necessary to comprehensively examine the building, which will have to change and alter. It is with this procedure and should begin reconstruction work. Only after careful consideration of all the features of the old structure, its strengths and especially weaknesses, we can talk about reliability, durability new, revamped design. After all, dishonest, careless approach the owner of the object and professionals who are hired to perform examination, can lead to wasted Finance, destruction and even human casualties. In order to avoid coming to this procedure responsibly and choose as executor company Guild Engineering.

the Need to spend examination before reconstruction can occur if the structure is visible damage, changes, defects, which were obtained during the operation of the building. Negative factors that affect the condition of the structure, are temperature extremes, corrosion, subsidence and other.

But even if such negative changes are not observed, still may have examination. For example, if the reconstruction is planned not only to improve appearance of the building, and something for him to finish, add floors to expand the space by removing walls. Or if you want to completely change the functionality of the structure (for example, from residential to make production or Vice versa). But even if some global changes are not expected, the need for such procedures are not eliminated, but is relevant. In any case, a building during operation and when the time gets old, he is under the influence of natural factors such as precipitation, characteristics of the soil and so on.

Examination of the entire building during reconstruction - a multi-faceted process, it is necessary to monitor each of the key elements. So our experts, so as not to miss anything, be clear and detailed plan of survey, where painted the entire sequence of actions. But these actions begin with a review of all supporting documentation. When introducing object has terminated, then the first thing to do is to inspect the building, to pay attention to each item, identifying in the course of the site inspection for damage.

And then begins the most active part of the survey. First measurements are made in order to set the parameters of the structure  and each of its parts. Further analysis is transferred directly to deformation and damage. In parallel, you need to test the strength of materials used in the construction of the leading elements of key importance. Determines the degree of allowable loads on the structure.

the Results obtained on the spot, are processed by our experts. Shall also prepare and file the report. It describes and analyzes all the information and conclusions about the condition of the building and its ability to further exploitation.

the Degree and depth of survey is determined in each case after the conversation with the customer. It all depends on what their plans are regarding this structure and what kind of reconstruction he wants to. In any case, our goal is to provide the most useful and accurate information.

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