Calculation of the volume of earthworks cartogram

To spend calculation of earthworks, we use the equipment in conjunction with specialized software allows you to perform various operations on the basis of a certain amount in terms of any types and geometric shapes of objects earthworks. Indeed, in the case of simple shapes excavation/embankment, calculation of volume-based elemental formulas, definitions volume of geometric figures. But when complex configurations of objects, the process of determining the necessary volume for the choice of methods and means of conducting excavation/embankment, payment for the work carried out, identify opportunities for further use of the overburden rocks, timing of works, is quite complicated.

the Basis of the methodology used to determine the volume of overburden/a bulk of the work is a method of splitting into simple geometric body. Modern equipment allows to improve the process of determining the maximum required accuracy. Modern software in combination with office processing of experienced specialists enables to achieve maximally compressed terms of performance of data processing shooting.

the Question of determination of the volume of completed Stripping/bulk works in most cases associated with the emergence of controversial issues. Therefore, the key point in the execution of these works is to negotiate shooting the initial configuration of the land plot with the interested parties (customer and executor). Without this step to perform work, upon their completion to determine the truth in any disputes will be impossible.

For quality on the most accurate determination of the scope of complex geometry need:

to Perform a detailed topographical survey before the earthworks. To capture the characteristics points for the correct construction of figures. To perform a detailed topographical survey after completion of earthworks Special attention and professionalism requires the stage of direct calculating volume of works. There are many ways to perform laboratory data processing, but there are some nuances that directly affect the quality and accuracy of the count. Separately it is necessary to emphasize the following points:

  • Executive survey of the land plot after the completion of the excavation works should be required to be made in the system of coordinates, which made shooting plot to perform work.
  • system reference points should be secured in such a way that it provided conditions for the preservation and no inclination deformations when performing earthwork strongholds.

We use the following software for the calculation of the volumes:

  • Geonics - topoplan, splits the figure on the squares of the preset value(10 cm up to 1000 m), interpolates the mark at the vertices of the square. Looking for a height difference. Considers Central and multiplied by the area of the shape. The resulting size of the whole square, multiplied by the number and the trick...
  • Samara - automation system of surveys, breaks ground on trigi connecting the vertices of the triangles, creates the surface. The amount is calculated between surface models (more complex and accurate way, but not necessarily).

But whatever good program, special attention should be paid to the preliminary data processing. Remove erroneous or specific point to add is not removed one reason or another need to properly build the model points, etc...

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