Evaluation of the land

the Earth is the constant subject of market relations. Moreover, it is always in demand. Transactions on sale and purchase of land - the most relevant and popular. But often these same areas are the subject of controversy. These disputes may relate to boundary issues, and may affect the financial side. So between the buyer and seller of land has not had any allegations of excessive cost or the desire to buy "almost nothing", and there is an estimate of the land.

land Valuation gives you the opportunity to get the latest information about actual cost of the part that you are looking to buy or sell. After all the UPS and downs in the economy and exchange rates directly affect prices. Consequently, land, costing one amount a month ago, today can be estimated much higher, or, conversely, below. Land evaluation is necessary not only during the conclusion of transactions of purchase and sale, but also in case of delivery of the site lease, the entry into law of inheritance.

There are several factors that have an impact on the result. These factors are:

  • the place where there is a plot.  the Territory is located in the city center will cost an order of magnitude higher than the same size plot of land somewhere on the edge;
  • size - in this case it has the value. Usually, the cost depends on the area of the site;
  • the availability of materials on conducting geological or geodetic survey works at the site. Especially this point is relevant, if potential buyers are planning to build something on this site.

Very often how to determine the value of land we are guided by the Newspapers with advertisements, opinions of family, friends, not quite trusting the appraisers. However, in most cases it is impossible to do so approximate, domestic. There are a number of issues, the solution of which requires not only a skilled assessment of the site, but official document about its conduct and results:

  • notarization of transactions on purchase andthe sale of land;
  • credit Bank loan, mortgage in which performs this area;
  • issues on the division of property, for example, during the entry into law of inheritance of one plot of two people;
  • check site in the relevant economic institutions.

the evaluation Procedure is not work for five minutes. This is an analytical and comprehensive process, which includes:

  • study area
  • the analysis of the situation in the land market;
  • the collection of all information necessary for the assessment, study and analysis;
  • the choice of method and carrying out on it of evaluation;
  • the development of the evaluation Report of the land.

If the study area is not just land, but also the properties on it, then this factor is also taken into account during the procedure. Then we are talking about a completely different value.

Related documents that may be needed in the process are the cadastral plan, a state act or other title document.

Along with local government bodies and Executive authorities to carry out activities can and other persons and organizations having a special license. If you have any need for evaluation of the land plot, you can contact the company, GeoTop, which experts have licenses for this type of work. We are always up to date with all the latest changes in the value and in the land market in General. Our evaluation is objective and satisfies all the requirements of the market. After the procedure, the company, Guild Engineering value will be satisfied with both the seller and the buyer.

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